English Language Arts

  • Literacy K-12

    “A balanced literacy approach focuses on two essential areas:  reading and writing. The approach engages children in a variety of authentic reading and writing experiences… It benefits students in many ways: students develop a broad range of reading and writing abilities; both focused instruction and independent work are valued so there is a better chance to meet the needs of a diverse group of students; students learn basic information and skills but they also develop strategies that will help them apply their knowledge in a variety of reading and writing contexts; there is an emphasis on comprehension which is the goal of all reading.”
    -- Gay Su Pinnell ( 2000)

    We Believe
    Clarkstown Central School District is committed to a K-12 literacy experience for all students that is challenging, rigorous, student-centered and developmentally appropriate. Our curriculum, aligned to Common Core State Standards, (see 6 ELA LIteracy Shifts below) supports that all students will become strategic and independent readers, writers and purveyors of information.  Our classrooms provide students consistent access to high quality literature (fiction, poetry and informational) and ongoing opportunities to write about what they read. We believe all of our students can achieve high degrees of literacy excellence. As such, our curriculum is written to provide support to students who may struggle with a unit of study, as well as to provide enrichment for students who come to unit of study well-prepared and ready for a challenge.

SHifts in ELA/ Literacy