• Bardonia's High Five Anti-Bullying Rules

    I will not bully others.
    I will help other students who are bullied.
    I will include other students who are easily left out.
    I refuse to watch, laugh or join in when someone is being bullied.
    I will tell a grownup at home and in school when I know someone is being bullied.

    Making a Difference
    By Taylor (5th grade student)

    I can make a difference by,
    Thinking and wondering why,
    It can change everyone’s life.
    Being sweet instead of sour,
    Having kindness, not a bully’s power,
    Including people in my games,
    Not calling them nasty names.
    Doing this I’ll make a change,
    And hopefully everyone will do the same.
    Helping them instead of hurting,
    Keeping secrets and not blurting,
    Making friends instead of foes,
    Don’t try to go with the flow.
    Just because they might act cool,
    Don’t try to be cool in school.
    If you can try to be wise,
    Don’t join all those girls and guys.
    They might hurt you if you try,
    Call you names and make you cry.
    You and I can make a change,
    Between all humans starting today,
    Come on now we’re on our way!