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Last Name First Name Email Address Phone Number Position Department
Aivaliotis-Gonzalez Evie eaivaliotis@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 Teacher Instruction
Alsenat Chaton calsenat@ccsd.edu Food Services Food Services
Anderson Jodi janderson@ccsd.edu Teacher Special Education
Apuzzo Marlee mapuzzo@ccsd.edu Teacher Special Education
Arena Alexandra aarena@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Arenholz Danielle darenholz@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Arenholz Nicholas narenholz@ccsd.edu Teacher Special Education
Avecilla Amy aavecilla@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 x5747 Psychologist Psychology
Babcock Mark mbabcock@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Bacon Carl cbacon@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Bader Erica ebader@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Barrett Stephen sbarrett@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Special Education
Batewell Shawn sbatewell@ccsd.edu 845-639-6501 Teacher Instruction
Bekiaris Adam abekiaris@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Belser Gregory gbelser@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Benjamin Diane dbenjamin@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 x5848 Psychologist Psychology
Bentley Bryan BBENTLEY@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Bianco Susan sbianco@ccsd.edu 845-639-6501 Food Services Food Services
Bimbo Greg gbimbo@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Special Education
Blassberg-Milich Adrienne ablassberg@ccsd.edu 845-624-3972 Nurse Health Services
Boyko Monica MBOYKO@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Special Education
Brown Lourdes lbrown2@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Buchanan Nicole nbuchanan@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Buhler Eleanor ebuhler@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Bundick Rachel rbundick@ccsd.edu Teacher Special Education
Butler Michael mbutler@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Buttigieg Laura lbuttigieg@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Caiazzo-Sikorski Kristina kcaiazzo@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Carbone Jessika jcarbone@ccsd.edu Teaching Assistant Special Education
Carlyle Ann Marie acarlyle@ccsd.edu 845-624-3969 opt 3 Nurse Health Services
Carpentieri Danielle dcarpentieri@ccsd.edu Therapist Special Education
Carty Christy ccarty@ccsd.edu Teacher Special Education
Casciola Amy acasciola@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Cavazzini Linda lcavazzini@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Cazes Melissa mcazes1@ccsd.edu Teacher Special Education
Cerniglia Samantha Teaching Assistant Special Education
Cherico Catherine ccherico@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 Teacher Instruction
Christiano Cheryl cchristiano@ccsd.edu Clerical Clerical
Cignarella Donna dcignarella@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 Teaching Assistant Instruction
Cleary Alison acleary@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Cleary Diane dcleary@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 Counselor Student Assist Counselors
Clemente Brian bclemente@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Clemente Deborah dclemente@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Clemente Jessica jclemente@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Clemente Paul pclemente@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Coffey Kimberly kcoffey@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Colaprico Karen kcolaprico@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 X5502 Clerical Clerical
Corey Brian bcorey@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Corey Brian bcorey@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Cosme Colleen ccosme@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Culwell Tara tculwell@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teaching Assistant Instruction
Da Costa Maryann mdacosta@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Special Education
Daly Helen hdaly@ccsd.edu Clerical Clerical
Dana Heather hdana@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Davison Noelle ndavison@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Decaprio Donald ddecaprio@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Delaney Mark MDELANEY@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Deloren Mila mdeloren@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
DeMarco Stephanie sdemarco@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Deming Michael mdeming@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
DeVries Joanmarie jdevries@ccsd.edu Teaching Assistant Special Education
Diener Doreen ddiener@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teaching Assistant Instruction
DiFalco Amy adifalco@ccsd.edu Food Services Food Services
Digiacomo Janice jdigiacomo@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Dinet Mary Eileen mdinet@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Special Education
Direnno Richard RDIRENNO@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
DiSilvio Erica edisilvio@ccsd.edu Teacher Special Education
Dominguez Isaira idominguez@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Donohue Kristine kdonohue@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Donovan-Madigan Christine cmadigan@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Assistant Principal School Administration
Downs-Palandra Lisa ldowns@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Driscoll Tonia tdriscoll@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 x5346 Psychologist Psychology
Duitz Giulia GDUITZ@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Dunnery Christine cdunnery@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Einhorn Joshua jeinhorn@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Special Education
Enright Sean SENRIGHT@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Erps Jennifer jerps@ccsd.edu Clerical Clerical
Esposito Lisa lesposito@ccsd.edu Food Services Food Services
Eustace Stacy seustace@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 Teacher Instruction
Falborn Dawn dfalborn@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 Counselor Student Assist Counselors
Fanshawe Julie jfanshawe@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Fasulo Giovanna gfasulo@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Fata Olimpia ofata@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Fay Juliet jfay@ccsd.edu 845-639-6501 Teacher Instruction
Fedele Antoinette afedele@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Feldi Patricia pfeldi@ccsd.edu 845-624-3494 Food Services Food Services
Ferraro Linda lferraro@ccsd.edu Therapist Physical Therapist
Ferraro Linda lferraro@ccsd.edu Therapist Physical Therapist
Ferraro Linda lferraro@ccsd.edu Therapist Physical Therapist
Ferraro Timothy tferraro@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Ferraro-Sausto Dara dferraro@ccsd.edu Food Services Food Services
Fialkow Barbara bfialkow@ccsd.edu Clerical Clerical
Fitzgerald Kelly kfitzgerald1@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Flickinger Rachel rflickinger@ccsd.edu 845-639-6320 Teacher Instruction
Fliesser Scott sfliesser2@ccsd.edu Teacher Instruction
Fogel Nancy nfogel@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teaching Assistant Instruction
Forelli JoAnn jforelli@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teaching Assistant Special Education
Forsberg Patricia pforsberg@ccsd.edu 845-624-3970 Clerical Clerical
Fox Kristine KFOX@ccsd.edu 845-624-3484 Teacher Instruction
Fraler Caryn cfraler@ccsd.edu 845-624-3972 x 5708 Counselor Guidance