The Board of Education established several policies to provide direction for fund-raising activities for community and student groups. Community and student groups will complete a Fund Raising Proposal in the form attached for each group, and will receive approval for the fund-raising project prior to undertaking fund-raising projects

    A community group, recognized by the board of education as a school-related or community-service organization, planning to conduct a fundraising activity, the proceeds of which will be used for the benefit of District students, the community, school programs or school facilities, must adhere to the procedures in Board of Education policies, such as the requirements for use of District facilities. No fund-raising activity will be considered by the District if, on the advice of counsel, it is considered to be in violation of educational or municipal law. 

    The requirements in specific board of education policies will be reviewed before submitting a fund-raising proposal, and are attached for reference: 

    • Gifts, Grants, and Bequests – Policy 1320 
    • Soliciting Funds from Students - Policy 1440 
    • Student Fund Raising Projects - Policy 5310 
    • Fund Raising by Community Groups – Regulations 133.1, 133.2, and 133.3

    There are essentially two types of fund-raising projects to be undertaken by community groups; i.e., (1) those benefiting a specific school building, and (2) those benefiting the entire District

    When the project is primarily benefiting a specific school building, it must be agreed to in advance by the building principal and the assistant superintendent for student learning. In addition, the principal and assistant superintendent are responsible for involving other appropriate District staff (e.g., the District Director of Instructional Technology for the purchase of technology, the District Director of Facilities for a project related to buildings and grounds, appropriate Athletic Coordinators for projects benefitting interscholastic programs, etc.) in securing information for decision-making and in identifying any conflicts with laws or established District priorities. The recommendation of the principal and assistant superintendent will be presented to the Superintendent’s staff for review prior to final approval. 

    When the project is primarily benefiting the entire District, it must be approved in advance by the superintendent of schools and receive pre-approval by the Board of Education. The superintendent is responsible for involving other appropriate staff as part of the approval process. All approved fund-raising projects will align with District directions. 

    Fund-raising projects undertaken by students must be submitted for approval by the school principal prior to undertaking fund-raising projects.