• CTA Bond Postcard - Letter From the Superintendent - January 30, 2014 

    Dear Parents/Staff:

    The Clarkstown Teachers Association recently mailed a postcard to community members of New York State United Teachers Association in support of the Bond vote.   Imbedded on the postcard was the official logo of the Clarkstown Central School District.  The Clarkstown Teachers Association used the logo without knowledge of the school district.  The use of the logo could imply the district is supporting the referendum.  This is not true.  This is solely the position of the Clarkstown Teachers Association.

    By law, a school district cannot take a position either in favor of or against any referendum presented to the community.

    Please refer to the district website site for complete information including responses to frequently asked questions relating to the bond.  www.cccsd.tv/bond


    J. Thomas Morton