Martin D. Cox, Superintendent of Schools

  • Superintendent Cox and SHS Graduate Birchwood School Principal Jonathan Slaybaugh closed his address to the Birchwood graduating class with the following: “Leave tonight knowing that tomorrow starts a new journey and there is no telling how far you can go.”

    Mr. Slaybaugh’s inspiring words can be applied to students graduating throughout our District: Birchwood School, North High School, South High School, Jesse J. Kaplan School, and Rockland BOCES.

    I found it to be a great pleasure watching our students celebrate their academic accomplishments during the graduation ceremonies. The speeches from valedictorians, salutatorians and principals were all different, yet each uplifting in their own way.

    During the ceremonies I posed the following question to myself: “As the students prepare to cross the stage, have we done everything possible to allow them to find their niche?”

    I am confident that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

    In the Clarkstown Central School District, I am thankful for the efforts of all stakeholders - teachers, staff, administrators, Board of Education members, and parents - while collectively working as partners in education on behalf of our students. Through collaborative efforts, our students have had numerous learning opportunities in and out of the traditional classroom setting.

    Those opportunities were provided by all members of our school community who helped shape, guide and mold our students during their formative years in our District.  

    So with the toss of their caps in the air, our young men and women set off on that new journey.  It is my hope that as they find their way they are able to draw from their knowledge, skills and numerous experiences obtained in Clarkstown.  I wish them much success in their individual pursuits and hope that they continue to consider how they can make a difference for others throughout their lives.

    Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2018! 


    Martin D. Cox
    Superintendent of Schools

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