• Some of our Innovation Lab Building Bonanza Supplies 



    Keva Planks


    Lincoln Logs



    Magna Tiles

    Marble Run  / Gravity Maze


    Zoob Builderz

    Popsicle sticks  /  toothpicks


    Rainbow Toyfrog straw

    Makedo Cardboard Construction



    Rainbow loombands 


    Day 1:  Domino Chain Reaction Challenge 

    Try the different challenges.  You may modify the designs.  You may even combine the different challenges into an epic domino chain!  Up the Stairs /  Rolling Reactions / Build a Spiral /  Ball Drop / Under the Bridge /  One Path Becomes Two / Falling Towers Direction Changing Levers

    Day 2:  Three Little Pigs STEAM Challenge

    Build a house using only 12 Marshmellows and toothpicks. The pig must fit inside your house.  After building the house, the “Big Bad Wolf Blow-dryer” will try to blow your house down! 

    Day 3:  STEM Tallest Tower Challenge

    Your team has 15 minutes to build the tallest tower.  You may only use the materials provided to you.   

    Day 4:  Catapult Design 

    Build a popsicle stick catapult.  Test out different firing power (pompoms, marshmallows) and measure how far they went.  Even test your firing power by trying to land it in the cup.  

    Day 5:  Shadow Skyline

    Use a flashlight and ordinary materials to create your own shadow landscape! Shadow Skylines is a light and shadow exploration that uses everyday materials to explore shape, form, and structure.

    Day 6:  Marble Run 

    Design and build a marble run.