• Some of our Innovation Lab Building Bonanza Supplies 



    Keva Planks


    Lincoln Logs



    Magna Tiles

    Marble Run  / Gravity Maze


    Zoob Builderz

    3 Dux Design Boxes


    Rainbow Toyfrog straw

    Makedo Cardboard Construction



    Rainbow loombands 


    Paper towel rolls

    Popsicle sticks  /  toothpicks


    Domino Chain Reaction Challenge 

    Try the different challenges.  You may modify the designs.  You may even combine the different challenges into an epic domino chain!  Up the Stairs /  Rolling Reactions / Build a Spiral /  Ball Drop / Under the Bridge /  One Path Becomes Two / Falling Towers Direction Changing Levers

    Three Little Pigs STEAM Challenge

    Build a house using only 12 Marshmellows and toothpicks. The pig must fit inside your house.  After building the house, the “Big Bad Wolf Blow-dryer” will try to blow your house down! 

    STEM Tallest Tower Challenge

    Your team has 15 minutes to build the tallest tower.  You may only use the materials provided to you.   

    Catapult Design 

    Build a popsicle stick catapult.  Test out different firing power (pompoms, marshmallows) and measure how far they went.  Even test your firing power by trying to land it in the cup.  

    Shadow Skyline

    Use a flashlight and ordinary materials to create your own shadow landscape! Shadow Skylines is a light and shadow exploration that uses everyday materials to explore shape, form, and structure.

    Marble Run 

    Design and build a marble run.  

    Lego Scene

    Create a place using Legos.  It could be a landmark, a sports arena, or a place in a town.

    Sphero Indi Obstacle Course

    Design an obstacle course and code Sphero Indi to go through your course.

    Help Harry Elevator Challenge 

    How can you use the given materials to design and build an elevator that works by winding a device to carry Harry to the top?

    Build your own Zoo

    Chose your building material (blocks, popsicle sticks/clothes pins, Legos, Keva planks, Magna Tiles, 3Dux Design, Lincoln Logs) to design a zoo.

    Boxitect Challenge

    Create a shelter using the 3 Dux Design kit.  You may also use extra cardboard, boxes and paper towel rolls.