• Summer Math 

    Try the Tang Math ChallengeYou can submit your game boards to me in September.

    Board Games: There are great games you can play to pass a rainy day... and practice your math, too! You probably already have many of them at home. Here are just a few that I like.

    • Counting & Number Recognition: Chutes and Ladders
    • Basic Operations: Yahatzee, Monopoly, Payday, Life, S’Math, Mexican Train
    • Patterns & Geometry: Quirkle, Blokus
    • Coordinate Graphing: Battleship
    • Strategy Games: Mancala, Othello, Connect 4, Sudoku
    • Cards and Dice games are also great to use to practice math. Check out suggestions below or have your child show you some we have played in group. For example: Multiplication War, Make 10 Memory 

    Online Programs: While you drive on your vacation, take out your iPad and practice your math. 

    Car time is also good to practice math facts: play Sparkle, skip count, or have family member quiz you. 

    Other Real-life Math Activities:

    • Taking a vacation – figure out how many miles it is to get there? What is fuel efficiency? (Add to find out the total cost to fill up the tank throughout your trip; divide to calculate the miles driven per gallon of gas; multiply to determine the cost of a fill-up based on your expected travel distance) How fast did you get there? (Use the car’s trip odometer to find out how many miles you’ve driven, and determine your average speed.)
    • Take me out to the Ballgame! - Take in a summer baseball game – either at the ballpark or on TV. Baseball’s a natural place to see math in action – from how many more runs does one team have to calculating a pitcher’s ERA to a hitter’s on-base percentage. Record the events of the game using a scorecard.
    • Take a trip to the grocery store! - Estimate the total bill based on prices of what you are purchasing. How much does that bunch of bananas weigh? How much will it cost? How much more is one brand of cereal over the other?
    • In the kitchen – cook up some math! - Measure all of the ingredients (especially the liquids in the glass measuring cups). Challenge yourself to double the recipe or cut the recipe in half – fractions are everywhere!
    • Back to School Supplies- How much will the school supplies cost? Use the advertisements in the Sunday newspapers to find the best deals... and calculate how much you’ll spend to get set for the new school year. 

    Check out these websites for more Summer Math Activities