Seat Belts & Child Restraints

  • New York State law requires all motor vehicle passengers ages 8 and older to wear seat belts, regardless of seating position.

    Children under the age of four must ride in a car seat and children under the age of 2 must ride in a rear-facing car seat.

    The penalty for a seat belt or car seat violation is a fine of up to $50. If the violation is for a person under the age of 16, the driver receives a maximum fine of $100 and three driver violation points upon conviction.

    When used correctly, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of fatal injury to front seat passenger car occupants by 45%, and risk of moderate-to-critical injury by 50%. For those riding in the rear of vans and sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) during a car crash, rear seat belts are 73% better at preventing fatalities.

    For more information on Child Safety Seats or to schedule an appointment to have your child safety seats checked please visit the Clarkstown Police Department Child Safety Seat webpage.

    Buckle up, it could save your life!