School Resource Officers (SROs)

  • It is the Clarkstown Central School District’s belief that children are our community’s most valuable asset, and creating a safe environment for our students to learn and our staff to educate is our top priority.

    School is an extension of the community we live in. School Resource Officers (SROs) are members of our school community who are active, fully-equipped, certified law enforcement officers from the Clarkstown Police Department. They work in partnership with school administrators and staff to assist with the development of procedures designed to provide a safe, positive and productive learning environment.

    SROs receive specialized training specifically designed for law enforcement officers working in an educational environment and with school administrators. More information on the National Association of School Resource Officer Training (NASRO) can be viewed by clicking here.

    It is the role of SROs to protect students and staff and contribute to the safety and security of the school environment. They are also in a unique position to provide guidance and serve as positive role models or someone to turn to in time of need while supporting the educational mission of the CCSD.

    The 2022-23 agreement between the CCSD and The Clarkstown Police Department for the School Resource Officer Program can be found on BoardDocs or by clicking here.

Meet the CCSD School Resource Officers

  • Officer Cunnane - FFMS

  • Officer Doyle - FFMS

  • Officer Vejnoska - North

  • Officer Woulfe - North

  • Officer Caivano - South

  • Officer Rolston - South

Are SROs and D.A.R.E. Officers the same?

  • No, they’re not. While School Resource Officers fill the invaluable role of protecting our schools, our Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officers educate our 5th grade students on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as bullying and other safety topics appropriate for elementary age students. Both are extremely important to our school community and the well being of our students, and both are Clarkstown Police Department Officers, but the two roles serve different purposes within our schools.

    Our two D.A.R.E. Officers, Kathleen Gavin (right) and John Mullins (above) work with all nine of our elementary schools and the Birchwood School to provide top quality preventative
    education to our oldest elementary students as they move into their middle school years.

What are the duties of an SRO?

  • Following is a list of some of the ways SROs help our school community:

    • Immediate Emergency Response 
    • Physical Presence for Safety and Emergencies
    • Assist Administrators with specific student issues as appropriate and within legal guidelines
    • Presence in larger gatherings such as lunch and recess where they can also develop relationships with students 
    • Traffic Control AM/PM and Large Events 
    • Consult and participate in Safety Drills and Safety Audits 
    • Table Top Drills to Simulate Emergency and Response
    • Dog sweeps of school buildings before breaks and Regents exams
    • Parking Safety Courses  
    • Presentations in Partnership with Principals 
    • Guest Speaker on specific topics in relevant classes such as Participation In Government 
    • Promote community-based activities such as Youth Court, Youth Academy or the Explorer Program 
    • Intern opportunities for WISE students in 12th grade

    Please click here for more details on the duties of SRO's.