The Math Ambassador Program is a newly established student leadership team of Little Tor Fifth Grade students who are eager to share their knowledge and love of math.  This highly respected team of leaders visit Kindergarten classes to teach and facilitate “math play” sessions with small groups of students. The games give children the opportunity to work with numbers in flexible ways, to work through difficult tasks, and talk about math in the world around them.

  • " I like helping kindergartners gain better number sense and a love of math."  5th Grade Math Ambassador

    " Watching them grow to love something educational through fun games is a dream come true."   5th Grade Math Ambassador

    "I love math but throughout the years I struggled with it.  I have gotten a lot of extra help from tutors and teachers.  I am so grateful for all their help.  I love to teach these skills and tricks that they have taught me to younger math learners."  5th Grade Math Ambassador

    "I love working with kindergartners because you see the light bulb go off and see them learn.  I want them to love math just like I do."  5th Grade Math Ambassador

    "I like doing the math! They teach me numbers." Kindergartner 

    "They bring fun math games!" Kindergartner