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    Dear Clarkstown School Community:

    Welcome to our Reopening Schools website hub.

    I hope you find this link to be insightful, informative and a place to utilize news and resources in a timely manner while we navigate all aspects of the Reopening Schools process. Within this site, you will find ongoing updates with information connected to the process, including minutes from Subcommittee meetings covering the following 11 areas:

    • Athletics
    • Communications
    • Facilities
    • Food Services
    • Health and Safety
    • Human Relations
    • Instruction (Elementary)
    • Instruction (Secondary)
    • Social Emotional Learning/Mental Health
    • Technology
    • Transportation

    In addition, this site has our information formatted in a Question & Answer format, a preference shared by members of our Communications Subcommittee. The resources connect to numerous links, including the State Education Department, the Board of Regents, and the State Department of Health.

    I am proud to inform you that when combining the membership from our 11 Subcommittees, District Task Force, and the Board Workshop, there are more than 200 individuals involved in our process giving input about their ideas, suggestions, questions and concerns connected to the challenging matter of Reopening Schools during the COVID-19 Health Pandemic. I appreciate the fact that our school community is working as partners in education in order to create solutions for the safest and healthiest way to educate our students.

    Thank you.

    Stay strong!  Stay healthy!



    Martin D. Cox, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools

Last Modified on August 14, 2020