• Athletics Subcommittee Meeting
    July 2, 2020

    Zoom Meeting Takeaways: 

    1. Maintain existing protocols presently established and required (masks, 6 foot, large gathering protocols, proper hygiene, etc.)
    2.  Some members are not in support of using pool for Festa PE due to required locker use. 
    3. Rental groups must abide by all mandates (large groups not permitted, participants must prove COVID free).
    4. No use of lockers for PE purposes and students should dress appropriately on days they have PE.  Students should bring/have extra clothes available in the event they get dirty/sweaty. 
    5. All athletes must be tested to prove they are not COVID positive before being permitted on a team.
    6. District should look to purchase more equipment so that students/athletes have individual equipment
    7. District should look to purchase Local Live cameras for turf fields to prevent large crowd gatherings.
    8.  Scheduling should be designed to ensure small groups during PE, recess, athletics.
    9. Proper communication must be maintained so that the community has accurate information.
    10. Aside from aforementioned, all other comments were present in existing Draft Re-Entry Proposal. 



    Review of resources

    Survey responses by area: What do we need?


    Testing (covid nasal swab most accurate, Education of coaches, athletes, parents (same page) Temperature screening is a snapshot of a moment in time (students take aspirin will not be forthcoming about how they feel) If athletics starts it should be by county. Has to be a policy in place social distancing and masks. Coaches have to step it up to be a real role model, washing hands etc. Small groups of 10 limiting the number of people

    BOE: Require student athletes to be tested both teams, concern about temperature screening being unreliable. Agree with coaches leading by example. Students not following protocol asked to leave

    Parent: Students are getting used to testing. It is also a snapshot nothing is foolproof. Described her children’s experience with working. Testing at Anthony Wayne, temperature checks.

    Student: Agree with splitting practices (ex: offense only, specific positions only)

    BOE: Need to buy more equipment. Designated areas for sanitizing. Cloth gloves?

    Teacher: Need sanitizing agents available at all times. There will be backorders. Gloves make things worse. Masks are most important 

    Parent: Gloves make them worse

    Nurse: Own personal equipment not shared, taken home, cleaned by athletes before, during and after practice. Change ball after each play

    Parent: Athletes used to that. If you have it you must use it

    Nurse: Low income athletes may not have them

    Director: SED possible models: Reversing seasons high risk sports delayed examples football vs cross country move high risk to spring large crowds

    Nurse: follow the pros, no spectators, gradual allowance over time

    Director: Local live?

    Nurse: absolutely, eventually 2 spectators per athlete

    BOE: Baseball?

    Director: Yes $300 per event

    Teacher How does that work at SHS?

    Director: explains process

    Teacher: Facemasks cause heat illness, change times earlier or later in day

    Parent: Is it required

    Teacher: Not during high intensity activity but in between put them on 

    Parent: More athletic favorable masks are being created

    BOE: Are they serious about switching seasons Can we stay local in sections?

    Parent: On the website

    Director: 4 options for seasons. Yes we can play locals 



    Nurse: Classes outside as much as possible, limit use of equipment, aerobic activities, decrease use of locker rooms, no changing of uniforms, handwashing before and after class

    Director: Minimize use of lockers no changing, issue at FFMS aquatics will need locker room

    BOE: do we have to keep swimming?

    Director: choice, kids look forward to it, some don’t like it, hate to see it go personally

    BOE: hate to see it go but logistics, maybe bring back in spring

    Parent: agree postpone it

    Director: changing at FFMS?

    BOE: Come to school prepared for PE

    Parent: Come prepared with change of clothes if needed (get muddy outside) in athletic clothing

    Director: need kids to be active, issue at FFMS changing bodies

    Teacher: emphasis on hygiene (shower deodorant)

    Director: Forgo purchase of uniforms

    Director: Recess equipment avoid sharing

    Parent: open playgrounds in county; rotate stations (soccer, basketball, swings etc.) recess and PE so important

    Director: implemented 6 minute physical activity in classroom, may implement for recess, small gyms (L Tor) 

    Parent: staffing?

    Parent: any guidance on lunch? Will cafeteria area be available?

    Parent: Virtual classroom for PE?

    Director: adjust activities to not share equipment

    BOE: take half classes: PE and classroom teacher split the class?

    Director: Teacher prep time

    Parent: difficult to modify teacher prep time based on contract

    BOE: use recess time for PE?

    Director: State guidelines for free time. Would require commissioner change

    BOE: Surprised at lack of loopholes

    Director: have not heard yet



    Director: Pool safe environment. Rental?

    BOE: They come all over building

    Parent: No spectators, live streaming, higher cost for rentals for cleaning, no locker room, except emergency bathrooms, use porta potties

    Director Board of Health Requires running water

    Teacher: testing before they come in?

    BOE: They should

    Teacher: just need one person to cause issue

    BOE: community swim?

    Director: small group is manageable, senior group most concerned about, they are going to be at Germonds

    Parent: what level is swimming?

    Director: low risk

    Teacher: contact tracing course at John Hopkins- person to person contact most concerning-risk from surface is much less than originally thought-person to person interactions are what we need to be most concerned about

    Director: Foggers?

    Teacher: I don’t know- I have wipes and sprays. Foggers have to dry (1-2 hours)

    Parents: Plastic surfaces retain not cardboard



    Director: will tweak and share plan based on information

    BOE: need to communicate to community. Workshop on July 15th 

Last Modified on July 13, 2020