• Reopening Subcommittee – Social Emotional Learning/Mental Health
    June 2, 2020 at 2:30pm

    Present Members: Susan Yom, Erin Ginsberg, Melissa Cazes, Gina Kelly, Kathy Klassen, David Carlson, Adrienne Blassberg Milich, Alexis Lieval, Andrea Zaris, Gabrielle Neroda, Jeremy Reed, Kristen Byrne, Nevette Potack, Jonathan Slaybaugh, Nicole Galati, Susan Solar, Honor Fagan, Gina Kelly.

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    Goal of Meeting: To provide input and suggestions for the planning of reopening in the areas of SEL/Mental Health

    Review of CASEL definition of SEL – intended for all students and adults and the aim is not exclusively for individuals struggling in crisis.

    Discussion themes: Educator Care, Teacher Practice, School Climate and Family/Community Engagement

    Summary of discussion points:

    • Anticipation of anxiety upon re-entry for Students/Parents/Staff
    • Create outlet/supports for all students-even if students are not vocal about their needs
    • Providing multiple opportunities over time for students and adults to address anxiety/concerns
    • Recognize pressure and be mindful as staff to be able to support student needs
    • We need to focus on Social and Emotional needs first, and then work on academic needs
    • Some students are flourishing at home that may have been struggling in school/Vice Versa
    • What do we want to know about our students from a SEL perspective?
    • Need for a survey to understand Social Emotional Needs of Students/Staff/Community –experience of Trauma-loss-experience loss
    • Connectivity of each student with at least one adult in school
    • Younger students – How are they going to react to spacing, social distancing, masks (input for visual cues, signs)
    • Reframe redirection for young students by giving them examples of what they can do (utilizing a positive approach)
    • What about students with difficulty in impulse control?
    • Recommendation to start slowly, gradual transition back to school – A few hours a day? Each grade level may experience different transitions (Elementary, Middle, High School)
    • Parents are looking to help. Parents may be seeking guidance to prepare them back to school.
    • Student Support groups, as well as Parent support groups
    • Will students and staff require additional supports or training to meet the social and emotional needs of students?
    • Please browse the resources in the shared folder, particularly the CASEL and Trauma Resources

    Next Gathering: Wednesday July 8th, Time TBD

Last Modified on July 10, 2020