*Updated June 18th, with candidate write-in results and minor correction

    It is now 5:00pm on June 17, 2020, all of the absentee ballots have now been tallied and counted and the election inspectors have reported the results of each ballot to the Chairman. I will now report the results of each proposition included on the ballot and the outcome of the School Board Trustee Election. 

    With respect to Proposition 1 which reads as follows:

    PROPOSITION NO. 1 – 2020-21 BUDGET

    RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Clarkstown Central School District, in the County of Rockland, New York, be authorized to expend an amount not to exceed $212,814,204 during the 2020-2021 school year, and to levy the tax necessary therefor. The District received the following votes:

    • 7,337 for Yes
    • 2,942 for No  

    Accordingly, Proposition 1 passes.  

    With respect to Proposition 2 which reads as follows:


    Shall the Board of Education of the Clarkstown Central School District establish a capital reserve fund ("Capital Reserve Fund 2020") pursuant to Education Law § 3651, with a probable term not to exceed ten years, in an amount not to exceed ten million dollars, to be funded by year-end budget surplus as determined by the Board from time to time, for the purpose of funding, in whole or in part, the cost of authorized alterations, construction or reconstruction of District facilities, buildings, additions, or grounds.

    •  7,583 for Yes
    •  2,623 for No  

    Accordingly, Proposition 2  passes.   

    *With respect to the School Board Trustee Election, I will read off the name of each candidate and the corresponding votes he or she received:

    • Phillip DeGaetano - 4,882 Votes minus 20(clerical error) plus 6 write-in votes. Total  4,868
    • Zizette Deutsch  -  6,365 Votes plus 1 write-in vote. Total 6,366
    • David Gosman -  5,671 Votes plus 1 write-in vote. Total 5,672
    • District received 133 write-in votes for additional candidates who are not listed above. 

    Accordingly, Zizette Deutsch and David Gosman have been elected to the Clarkstown Central School District's Board of Education, subject to the write-in votes, to serve in the seats left vacant by Zizette Deutsch and David Gosman and they shall serve a three year term from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2023.      

    Please note that the results as declared are subject to the final canvassing of the write-in votes.  Once the write-in votes are canvassed, we will apprise the public of the write-in results.  The Clarkstown Central School District's Annual Meeting Budget Vote and Election is hereby recessed at 5:10 on June 17,  2020.  A recording of the canvassing process and a transcript of all official declarations made during the budget vote and election will be made available to the public It is anticipated that Clarkstown School District's Board of Education will reconvene tomorrow to accept the results of this budget vote and election, subject to the write-in results.  We will notify the public of the time in which the Board will reconvene and how to access said meeting on the District's website.    

    The Clarkstown Central School District