2020 Winter Edition Articles

  •  Hong Kong Protests

    Hong Kong Protests Rage On

    Even if you haven’t been watching the news recently, you have most likely heard about the protests in the city of Hong Kong. For the past few months, the region has been filled with protests from an incredibly large amount of the population.

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  •  Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones and the Pick Heard 'Round the World

    “With the sixth pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select Daniel Jones, quarterback, Duke.” Immediately following this announcement by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, it seemed as if the football world went insane.

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  •  First Amendment and Bullying

    The First Amendment and Bullying

    The First Amendment protects Freedom of Speech, but not all speech is protected by the Constitution. You can’t just say whatever you want in certain circumstances, and one of those certain circumstances is bullying.

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  •  To Gap or Not to Gap?

    To Gap or Not to Gap?

    As students leave high school and begin a new chapter in their lives, they face important decisions — do they continue to college, begin to work, or take a gap year?

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  •  2020 Movies

    2020 Movies to Watch

    With another year on its way, the cinematic world is certain to bring more films to our theaters. These movies will either go down in history, or be forgotten by us all and pass into obscurity. Regardless of what might happen, there are currently many upcoming films in 2020 we have our eyes on.

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  •  2019 AMAs

    2019 AMA Highlights

    On November 24, 2019, the American Music Awards aired. Often overlooked by viewers of the more famous Grammy Awards (which just aired on January 26th), the winners of these awards are equally deserving and talented.

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