Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics

  • Science

    • littleBits 
      Students enjoyed using littleBits to invent, code and create.  
    • Makey- Makey Musical Playdough
      Students use Scratch to code a 5 note song.  Then connect Makey Makey to playdough instrument to play song!  
    • Video Game Controller 
      Students also made video game controllers out of playdough and Makey Makey.  
    • Snaptricity 
      Create an electronic playground with Electroic snap circuits.


    • ALL NEW Tello Drones! 
      Students use Drone Blocks to code the drones and participate in drone simulation.  Congrats to all who earned their drone pilot license. 
    • Scratch
      Students used Scratch blocks to code their own video game.  
    • Osmo  Newton, Mindracers
      Students explored different Osmo programs to use their creativity and problem solving skills, as they experienced hands-on challenges.  
    • Ozobot
      Students can draw lines, colors, and codes on paper and watch their Ozobot follow their commands.
    • Cubetto 
       Screen free coding robot. 
    • Botley                                                                      
       Screen free coding robot. 


    • Rainbow ToyFrog & Brainflakes
      Students used Rainbow ToyFrog colorful plastic straws and connectors, as well as, brainflakes gears to build and create.  
    • Marble Run
      Students experiment with Tumble Trax magnetic marble run, and then design and build their own marble run using various materials.  
    • Keva  Planks
    • Knex 
    • Zoob Builderz 
    • Tinkertoys
    • Domino Chain Reactions 


    • 3Doodlers 
      Create with 3D images with the 3Doodler pens.  
    • Osmo Masterpiece and Monster
      Students learned to draw following and see their drawings come to life in an adventure.  


    • Breakout EDU
      Student solve math clues to unlock 5 different locks to break out of the case.  
    • Osmo Numbers and Tangrams 
      Students used number tiles to add and multiply, and tangram pieces to solve puzzles.  

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