• What is SEPTA? 

    Clarkstown SEPTA is the special education parent teacher association for the Clarkstown Central School District in Rockland County, NY. SEPTA is dedicated to the students whose needs and requirements are outside of the general education domain.

    SEPTA provides support and information to parents going through the special education process with their child.  SEPTA can provide insight as to the process itself, information on specific disabilities and the rights of the special education students.

    Why join SEPTA?

    Membership helps support monthly forums and workshops that allow professionals and parents to share information, knowledge and ways to support our children with special needs. 

    Membership is also used toward scholarship awards for special education seniors who are graduating and maintaining the SEPTA library, which is open to all members and located at Felix Festa C School Library.

    Membership is open to all parents, guardians, grandparents, educators, therapists and anyone interested in the education of students with special needs.