2018-19 School Budget

  • School Budget Passes - BOE Members Elected

    Thank you to Clarkstown voters for your overwhelming support of our school district. The 2018-19 school budget passed with 77.90% of the vote.  In addition, Proposition # 2 - Capital Reserve Fund was also approved by voters by 81.89%.

    Congratulations to Board of Education candidate, Mrs. Tamara Bierker who has been re-elected to a second three year term and to Ms. Christine Alia and Ms. Irene Tagaris who have been elected for three year terms to serve on the Clarkstown Board of Education. We value their participation and commitment to our students and look forward to working with them.

    Community support is an integral part of any public school district, and Clarkstown is very fortunate to have parents and community members that are involved and value public education.

    The Clarkstown Central School District

    Election Tally Results