App Frequently Asked Questions


    Where Can I Find the CCSD App?
    The CCSD App is available in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores and is free of charge. 

    Can Anyone Create a LogIn For the App?
    No. Logins will only be provided to parents and guardians who have rights to receive student correspondence. 

    How Do I Log In:    
    Before logging in you need to have received an email from your child’s school with your username and password.  Request A Reminder Here. Only guardians with rights to receive student correspondence will be provided a log in.

    • If you have already installed the app on your device, please uninstall it and reinstall it to get this most recent update.

    • Go to either Apple iTunes or Google Play and search CLARKSTOWN CENTRAL SD to download the app.

    • Once downloaded, open the app.  You will be prompted to choose the school(s) you would like to follow.  If you will be logging in, you can skip this step.

    • Look for the orange icon labeled “User Login” at the botton of the first screen  Use the username and password provided to you to log in. * NOTE - You will only see this orange User Login Icon, if you are not currently logged into the app.  

      User Login Icon

    • Once logged in, your app will be set to follow the schools your child or children attend. These settings can be changed at anytime by going to the settings icon at the top right corner of the app.  

    • Please note, attendance alerts are only available for secondary students. 

    • Be sure to have Notifications turned on, on your device if you want to receive push notifications through our app.

    • It is strongly recommended that you change your password after logging in for the first time.

    How Do I Change My Password
    Click on your parent icon then - on iOS choose Change Password, on Android, click the pencil on the top right.  We recommend that you use the same password that you are currently using to log into the Parent Portal.

    What If I Don’t Remember My Username and/or Password?
    Click Here for a Password Reminder

    How Do I Log Out?
    Click on the Settings Icon (Gear) on the last page of icons.
    App Settings

    How Do I Choose The Schools I Want To Follow?
    Click on the Settings Icon (Gear) on the last page of icons.
    App Settings Icon

    Do I Have to Login To The App To Use It?
    No, the app can be used without logging in and can be set to follow any of our schools and calendars as well as the District. However, without logging in, you will only see information that is shared to the general public.  Logging in will connect your app to your child’s school allowing you to receive messages sent specifically to you. (Please note, attendance alerts are only available for secondary students.)

    Will I Continue To Receive Emails From My Child’s School and The District Even If I Don’t Log In To The App?
    Yes, logging into the app provides the additional benefit of receiving notifications right to your device and also provides a convenient location to view ALL of the mass communications sent by your child’s school.

    Attendance Alert Notification
    Though the option shows for all who have signed into the app - the Attendance Alert Notification in the app settings is only available to the parents of secondary students (grades 6-12). Parents/ Guardians of elementary students (grades K-5) will continue to receive a phone call from their child’s school, if their child is absent, regardless of whether or not this option is checked.  Parents/Guardians with an elementary and a secondary student, may wish to keep this setting turned on so as to receive alerts through the app with reference to the secondary student.

    Does This Replace The Way I Log Into The Parent Portal?
    No, our Parent and Student Portals will not be changed by this, and will continue to provide the detailed information you are accustomed to seeing there.

    I Have More Than One Child In CCSD Schools, Will I Need Multiple Logins?
    No.  Your login will connect you to all of your CCSD students and their schools. If you don't see an icon for each of your students, please send an email to with the subject "Merge Accounts." (Please note, attendance alerts are only available for secondary students.)

    Can I Email A Teacher Through The App?
    Yes!  Choose the School Directory.  For more details, watch this video.
    App School Directory Icon

    How Do I Add Calendar Events To My Personal Calendar? 
    Watch this short video.

    If you have any other concerns that were not addressed here - please send an email to