• The Six Transdisciplinary Themes

    The six transdisciplinary themes of global significance provide the framework for exploration and study:

    • Who we are
    • Where we are in place and time
    • How we express ourselves
    • How the world works
    • How we organize ourselves
    • Sharing the planet.

    Teachers are guided by these six transdisciplinary themes as they design units of inquiry that both transcend and articulate conventional subject boundaries.

    TD Themes

    Transdisciplinary Themes Printable

     The programme can be illustrated by a hexagon with the six transdisciplinary themes surrounding six subject areas:

    • language
    • social studies
    • mathematics
    • arts
    • science
    • personal, social and physical education.


    PYP Model


    The transdisciplinary themes and subject areas outlined above form the knowledge element of the programme.



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