Daily Classroom Schedules

  • How do the children spend their day?

    Each classroom is designed to be developmentally appropriate for the ages of the children placed in them.  The following are typical daily schedules for each age group:


    6:30-8:30     Arrival & Free Exploration

    8:30             Breakfast

    9:00             Diaper Changes

    9:30             Free Play, Music, Movement, Stories

                       Morning Naps

    10:30           Snack

    11:00           Outside (walks & stroller ride)

    11:30           Diaper Changes

    12:15           Lunch

    12:40            Free Exploration, Diaper Changes

    1:15             Afternoon Naps

    3:00             Diaper Changes

    3:20             Snack

    3:40            Free Play

    A wide variety of toys and books are available for the children to explore during free play.  There is a cushioned play area for gross motor development and push toys are used to build coordination for our soon-to-be walkers.  We have strollers on hand to be sure that the children get outside each day.  Our more mobile infants can walk and play outside, too.



    6:30-8:00          Arrival, Free Exploration

    8:00                  Breakfast

    9:00                 Centers, Projects, teacher-directed play

    9:30                  Circle Time: songs, stories, counting

    9:45                 Morning Snack

    10:00               Outdoor Play

    11:00                Lunch

    11:30-1:30         Nap Time

    2:00                 Free Play

    2:30                  Snack

    3:00                 Outdoor Play

    3:30                 Free Exploration, Music, Movement

    The toddler room offers developmentally appropriate play activities for the children to do alone or with a friend.  Centers allow the children to focus on a targeted skill in a new and exciting way.  Puzzles, pretend play opportunities, and music help to stimulate a child's creativity.  The staff provides individual attention to meet the needs of each child in the class.  In addition to academic growth, we look to develop social and emotional skills, too.  This group works on sharing, taking turns, using manners, and toilet training.  It's a busy day in the toddler room.



    6:30-8:30     Arrival/Free Play

    8:30             Breakfast

    9:10             Morning Routine/Circle Time

    9:30             Bathroom

    10:00            Snack

    10:15            Projects/Small Group or Individual Instruction

    10:45-11:15   Play Outside

    11:30             Lunch

    12:00             Centers/Free Exploration

    12:30-1:30      Rest Time

    2:00              Bathroom & Snack

    2:30-4:30       Cooperative and Independent Play


    Preparing our students for kindergarten is a priority in our preschool room.  Our goal is to create curious, independent thinkers who work well alone or in a group.  This is accomplished by providing a positive learning environment that is rich in opportunities to be creative, to problem solve, and explore.  Fine motor development centers increase success with beginning writing skills and a variety of experiences with print enhance early literacy skills.