• English Language Arts


    New City Elementary is a Project School with Columbia University Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project!


    Third Grade follows a workshop curriculum for units of study in Opinion, Information and Narrative Writing.

    Our students will publish at least one piece of each of the following genres...

    1. Personal Narrative

    2. Persuasive Letter, Petition or Essay (Opinion)

    3. Informational Text

    4. Literary Essay and Testing as a Genre

    5. Research

    6. Fairy Tale


    Third Grade also follows a workshop curriculum for units of study in Reading.

    Our students will follow a balanced literacy approach to becoming stronger, more mindful readers. Students will read and study fiction and non-fiction via whole-class, small group and individualized instruction.

    Units studied will include:

    1. Building a Reading Life

    2. Mystery

    3. Reading to Learn

    4. Character Studies

    5. Testing as a Genre

    6. Research Clubs