• "Teen Parties: Truth, Consequences and the Law" is the first video production undertaken by the Clarkstown Community Task Force in an attempt to raise awareness on civil and criminal liabilities as they pertain to underage drinking and parties in your home, on your property, when you are home and when you aren't. It was produced cooperatively with the Clarkstown Central School District, the Clarkstown Police Department and Clarkstown Justice Court, utilizing the talents of the Rockland Players. A police department representative and a Judge speaking to the topic follow the short video production. An opportunity for discussion and question and answers completes the program.

    Project Void / Alcohol Poisoning Impact Panel
    "Project Void" is a video, written and produced by the students and community of Peter's Township, PA. It generally covers the issue of underage drinking with a focus on host liability, binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, and driving under the influence. The six-minute video ends with personal reflections of a former Clarkstown student, Jonathan Leano, whose older brother, Matthew, was a victim of alcohol poisoning. An impact panel comprised of Mrs. Maxine Leano, Matthew's mother, a Clarkstown police officer, a town judge and a member of the local ambulance corp. relate their personal experiences and answer questions following the video presentation. Due to schedules, all members of the panel may not be available. Every attempt to provide appropriate personnel will be made.

    The video production, "Choices", is the story of three youngsters -each having made different decisions about the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. They speak candidly about those choices, how it has affected them, their families and their lives. The video provides you with some up close and personal information regarding the reasoning behind a young person's choices -to use or not to use, and we hope that it will provide a "springboard" for initial or continued discussions on the subject. By keeping the lines of communications open and honest, adults can help young people to make the "right" choices. In addition to the video presentation, qualified personnel facilitate a question and answer session.

    *Choices that have been made are not always the choices that are adhered to. The possibility exists that some of the choices made by the students in .this video have changed since it was produced.

    Choices II -A Choice Not To
    This is the latest in the Clarkstown Community Task Force video production series. So often teenagers are depicted as using alcohol and other drugs giving the perception that "everybody" does it. The reality is this is not true. This video was produced to show just that and to act as a catalyst for communication and involvement between parents, their children and between students themselves. Students from North and South High Schools who have made the choice not to were interviewed regarding why they have made the specific choices they have. It is not scripted or rehearsed.

    Networking for Prevention
    One of the largest factors in prevention is the raising of awareness. The aim of Networking for Prevention is to bring information on such topics as bullying, binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, designer drugs, inhalants and marijuana directly into the home. It provides prevention strategies for all age groups, "plain talk" discussions of "popular" illegal substances and their affects on behaviors, conflict management techniques and follow-up resources for assistance and additional information to cite a few examples. By providing parenting help, information and resources, and generally raising awareness, it has been shown those risk factors are reduced and protective factors are enhanced. "Networking" is produced strictly through volunteer efforts. If you are interested in helping, please contact Lorette Adams at (845) 358-8032.

    Senior Transition Workshops
    "Life After High School" is a program designed and implemented by the School Counseling Centers of Clarkstown North and South in cooperation with members of the Clarkstown Community Task Force. It is designed to address the issues, situations and questions that our students will be confronted with as they graduate and go on to college, into the workforce or into the service. Students are offered nine workshops of which they select three. They are: Partying 101 , Dating Dilemmas, How to Work Smarter Not Harder, How to Succeed in the Working World, $$$$$$$ Money Management, Living with Others, Finding Your Niche, The Pros and Cons of Commuting to School and the Body Trap. Information from each workshop as well as pamphlets and brochures covering pertinent topics are given to each student.

    Clarkstown "Prom-ise"
    Events such as Homecoming, Junior Ball and Senior Prom provide the opportunity for our students and parents to hire private car services, buses and limousines. In an attempt to raise awareness and seek (unity) partnership within the community, the Clarkstown Community Task Force has constructed a set of voluntary contracts between students, parents, and limousine/car/bus services that establishes a set of expectations (parameters) by which all will abide. Contracts are sent out annually to all and a listing of those companies completing the contract is distributed twice yearly.

    Driving Impact Panel
    Offered through STOP-DWI of Rockland. educational programs geared toward teenagers are customized to meet school needs. They are designed to increase awareness and promote the message that the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or any other "drug", and driving can be deadly. The program takes approximately fifty minutes and is presented by certified educational consultants. Victim Impact Panels are also held four times a year at the Fire Training Center in Pomona. The panels of victims speak briefly about drunk driving crashes in which they or a loved one were injured or killed. For more information on either program contact Bill GraviDa at the STOP-DWI office, 845-638-5095 or the Task Force at (845) 639 - 6415.

    Drug Awareness Training/Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals
    A nationally validated training program provided by the New York State Police. This program provides school personnel with a systematic approach to recognizing, approaching and evaluating individuals in the academic environment who are using and are impaired by drugs, in order to provide early intervention. A secondary training is provided to school nurses in the administering of a standardized assessment tool.

    Adopt A Class
    The literature in health education clearly notes the significant positive affect and effect of peer -to-peer interaction. The message of positive health attitudes, behaviors, choices and decisions is very influential when high school students speak to middle school students. This is a cooperative effort of the school district, the police and students from North, South and Felix Festa Middle School. High school students who volunteer receive a two- hour training for their presentations. These senior high students volunteer their time after school and travel to Felix Festa Middle School to present lessons regarding alcohol, tobacco, other drug prevention and violence prevention. The high school students meet with the 6th grade teachers to discuss their presentation each week. Some 7th and 8th grade classes are also participating. The entire program lasts approximately 10 weeks.

    Parent to Parent
    A special networking program for parents designed to meet in a small setting, possibly at a designated home. These parent-to-parent meetings will be facilitated by experienced professionals with the sole purpose of developing strategies, techniques and methods of communicating to their children the deleterious effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. One of these three meetings will also present a Clarkstown police officer that will , demonstrate and discuss various drug "trends" by our youth. This setting will be very , conducive to empowering parents with the ability to meet and network with other parents.

    Internet Safety
    A special presentation to parents by the Clarkstown Police Department and the Clarkstown Community Task Force demonstrating procedure, strategies and programs available to parents to help monitor their children' s internet use.

    BCL Solutions
    After a presentation to the Board of Education in 1996 of the results of the PRIDE Survey (an alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence survey), a recommendation was made by the Safer Schools/Safer Homes Subcommittee of the Clarkstown Community Task Force to have an outside agency evaluate each of out school buildings in the Clarkstown Central School District. BCL Solutions, a private consulting firm, was hired to develop a comprehensive program to evaluate, assess and implement safety plans for students and staff. In addition, they worked with students and staff on conflict resolution. BCL Solutions has also provided all of the staff development for mock disasters and the establishment of building and district safety teams. This plan began in 1997 and has trained all15 buildings and the district safety team as of 2002.

    Safe Homes
    Safe Homes is a program designed to facilitate communication between parents, who sign a voluntary pledge to provide a supervised, SAFE and substance-free environment in their homes. A directory of supporting participants is distributed annually. For more information, contact the Task Force at 639-6415.