Link Action Squad - Equipo de Acción

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    What is a Student Action?

    In the PYP, it is believed that education must extend beyond the intellectual to include not only socially responsible attitudes but also thoughtful and appropriate action.  PYP believes that successful inquiry will lead to responsible action, initiated by the student, as a result of the learning process.  This action will extend the student’s learning, or it may have a wider social impact, and can be an action taken by an individual student or group of students working collaboratively.  This action is an extension of the central idea of the unit your child is working on in class. Remember, you can find this central idea on the website, by contacting your teacher, or on the program board in the front hallway.  

    There is a new "Student Action Squad" Packet. It was created to help guide your student with their student action. Afterwards, your child can write up a reflection after the action has been completed.  Please snap a picture of your child participating in this action to accompany their write up.

    K-2 Student Action

    3-5 Student Action

Think Green - Piensa Verde

  • "Think Green" is Link Elementary World School's environmental awareness team. The team consists of staff members, parents, and students. The team works together to spread environmental education both locally and globally, create events for awareness, and encourage students teaching students. Throughout the school year, the Link community will participate in many events and create numerous projects. Education is the stay informed by following our site and joining our events. Think Green has also joined forces with the Action Squad to support Link as a World School and to bring further education to the Link families and community.  

Children's Peace Garden - Jardín de Paz de los Niños

  • LK Garden

    As a world school, Link continues to find new ways to teach, learn, and help locally and globally.  Our most recent and very large project is the Children's Peace Garden.

    The students, parents, and staff at LINK have been working all year to install and create our school Children's Peace Garden.  The garden will become an essential part of the curriculum and school day as well as another way for the students of Link to connect and support our surrounding community.  The children will be working in the garden and maintaining it through learning how to weed and take care of the plants. They are also going to harvest the vegetables and use them in our cafeteria as well as donate to the hungry through the “Donate a Row to the Hungry” project.   This garden will also allow the students to grow as global citizens and independent learners as they teach each other and learn from each other.  The theme of peace is being completed with the addition our Peace Pole as part as a global project.

    This has been an ongoing project that will continue this year with both an Eagle Scout and Girl Scout donation projects.  You will also see many new additions and learning experiences this year in the garden.  Follow our website to keep updated on events and view pictures of the process.

This is OUR Community - Está es Nuestra Comunidad

  • Our Community!


    International Day of Peace Celebrations

    Veterans Day Celebrations

Global Citizenship Begins with Me! - Ciudadanía Global Comienza Conmigo

  • Global Citizens!