2019-2020 Link IB Newsletters

2018-2019 Link IB Newsletters

Link IB World School Parent Connection

  • Welcome to the Parent PYP Connection Page! 

    The Link IB Parent Team is a wonderful cooperative team that has aided in the welcoming and enlightening environment at Link IB World School. The team consists of at least one parent from each class, the IB Coordinator, Link staff, and Mrs. Cuccia (Principal). The team meets once a month to discuss the PYP and it's progress, upcoming events, home-school connections and much, much more! If you are interesting in joining the team, please contact Ms. Haugh at lhaugh[at]ccsd.edu


    PYP Parent Liaisons

    The role of the PYP Parent Liaison is to work as a communicator for the Link community and assist the classroom teachers in keeping the Link families informed of any developments with the PYP, upcoming events, parental involvement opportunities in classroom activities, parent workshops, etc. The PYP Parent Liaisons will also take an active role in the PYP Parent Team in collaboration with Ms. Haugh, Link IB Coordinator. Visit the PTA website for more information about this exciting opportunity!


    Link PTA