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     Link IB

    Link IB World School's Mission Statement

    Link IB World School, in a mutually respectful partnership with our community, strives to develop the whole child: their heart as well as their mind. Our vision is to create inquisitive, self-motivated, ethical, lifelong learners who value knowledge, creativity, diversity and international mindedness. Through our inquiry based, transdisciplinary program, our students are empowered to become responsible learners, collaborative thinkers, risk takers, and creative problem solvers, possessing the desire to positively impact our ever-changing world.


    Link IB World School's Essential Agreements

    To achieve Link Elementary school’s mission, the following essential agreements have been created: 

    • To develop independent, skilled learners through inquiry based curricula and instruction that reflects an unique global perspective.
    • To embrace the awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures and foster the individuality and creativity of students through inquiry and application.
    • To develop explicit attitudes and have the expectation of socially responsible behavior and action.
    • To guide students through essential elements of learning contained in our embraced PYP philosophy(concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and action).
    • Special area teachers will maintain a mutual partnership with all staff in order to support the Programme of Inquiry.
    • The media specialist will provide numerous resources for professional growth to faculty and staff as well as create an environment that supports students’ engagement through the inquiry process.
    • The school will appreciate and embrace Link families and the extended community as a valuable and global resource for an interconnectedness approach to learning.
    • The staff will execute effective planning in a respectful and collaborative setting.
    • Various inquiry based tasks and assessments will be used to evaluate student performance.
    • Link will provide an enriched foreign language experience in order to fully immerse students in the components of another language.
    • Technology will be accessed as a link for open international communication.