• Below is a list of present course offerings (scroll down to bottom of page).  If the program you are interested in does not appear, then at this time we are not offering this particular activity.  Please revisit this site regularly as course offerings chnage seasonally.


    Upon successfull registration, your name will be added to our Member List and you will begin to receive regular pool bulletins.  We do not issue membership cards; consequently, once you receive a pool bulletin via email, you may begin to use the facility.  Simply enter the pool and announce your presence to one of the lifeguards on duty and they will check to ensure your membership is current.  


    Please note that you will only be notified via email or phone if your request for membership is incomplete, in question, or has been denied.   


    To check membership status or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Christopher Serra, Ed.D. at:

    • 624-3970 x5565
    • cserra@ccsd.edu