A full continuum of services, as mandated by Part 200 Regulations of the Commissioner, are offered  to our students with a focus on providing instruction in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  All services and classes listed here are recommended by the Committee of Special Education.  

    The continuum of Special Education services includes, but is not limited to, the following:


    Consultant Teacher Services (Direct CT or Indirect CT): 

    Direct CT Services

    A certified special education teacher provides specially designed instruction to an individual student with a disability or to a group of students with disabilities to support student learning in the general education curriculum

    Indirect CT Services

    A certified special education teacher consults with a student's general education teachers to facilitate adjustments  to the learning environment and/or modifications to instructional methods to meet the individual needs of a student with a disability within the general education setting. 

    Resource Room Services

    Resource room services are utilized to supplement general education instruction for students with disabilities in either a special class or general education class who require supplemental instruction from a special education teacher in a small group setting for a portion of the school day.

    Related Services

    Developmental, corrective and other supportive services, as recommended by the Committee on Special Education, to assist students with disabilities. This includes speech and language services, psychological/counseling services, audiology services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health/nursing services, etc.

    Integrated Co-Teaching Services

    Specially designed instruction delivered by a general education teacher and a special education teacher with shared responsibility to a mixed group of students with disabilities and non-disabled students. This is an alternative to placement to a special class. 

    Special Class

    A special class consists of students with disabilities who have been grouped together because of similarity of individual needs.


    Students are recommended for this structured learning environment to receive specially designed instruction to address their unique learning needs in a self-contained setting, separate from their non-disabled peers.  Students in these classes are provided with individualized, small group instruction, tailored to their individual learning styles.

    12:1+1  (formerly PEC)

    This intensive, structured learning environment with a behavioral and therapeutic component provides assistance to our special education students. In addition to academic support, these classes offer support, guidance, and encouragement to address students’ behavioral and therapeutic needs. Counseling is provided by a school psychologist on a weekly basis. A behavioral intervention plan may also be explored as needed.



    Spirit/Strive Programs 

    These programs provide remedial academic instruction and vocational readiness in accordance with New York State Alternative Assessment Standards. Students are provided with the opportunity to develop independent living skills. A work site program enables students to develop vocational skills under the supervision of a job coach.  Speech, occupational therapy, and counseling services are intrinsic to these programs.


    Carousel Program 

    CAROUSEL is a Clarkstown Central School District Special Education Alternative School Program. It is housed at Clarkstown North High School, and offers a combination of academic and vocational instruction. The program is geared towards classified students who are struggling in their current academic program and have an interest in a specific vocation that can be pursued at BOCES. Academics are provided through small group instruction in a self-contained setting for half of the school day. Vocational instruction is provided through an occupational program at Rockland BOCES where they receive training in an area of interest. Individual and group counseling supports are also provided intrinsically throughout the week.