G.E.M.I.N.I. stands for Guided Education for the Motivation and Inspiration of Notable Individuals.

    G.E.M.I.N.I is an Alternative Education Program designed for students whose current performance does not coincide with measurable ability levels or past achievement. This is not a remedial program, but rather a Regents-level program that offers individualized support and academic attention to students who:

    ■ Need and want a home base

    ■ Have experienced seemingly unwarranted failures

    ■ Are at risk of dropping out of school

    ■ Have been unable to complete in the larger high school and need a close-knit, stimulating environment with strong structure and consistent monitoring

    The G.E.M.I.N.I. Program is for the student in grades 10–12 who is motivated to experience academic success and make positive changes in his or her life. Courses offered are designed in accordance with State and local curriculum guidelines. This program is open to students from North and South High Schools. Students interested can obtain a brochure and information from their school counselor. Approval by building Instructional Support Teams is necessary for acceptance into the program.




    S.A.I.L. stands for Structure, Attitude, Individuality, and Learning.

    S.A.I.L.  is a Clarkstown Central School District alternative educational program housed at Clarkstown North High School. It is a small, supportive non-special education program that provides a full high school curriculum, including preparation for college.

    In S.A.I.L. , students receive individualized attention, and as much educational support as they need to meet their academic goals. The S.A.I.L. team includes two teachers, a part-time student assistance counselor and a school guidance counselor, all working  in unison to provide an integrated learning environment.

    The academic, social and emotional potential of each student is enhanced. Students can participate in mainstream courses and are encouraged to be involved in sports and all other extra-curricular activities.

    The S.A.I.L. program provides a “safe harbor” for students who may easily be adrift in a large high school environment.