• Procedures for Requesting the Rental of the

    Felix V. Festa Natatorium


    • The pool will be available for rental in three-month intervals broken up into the

           following groupings: September-November, December-February, March-May,


    • Permit requests may be submitted at any time throughout the year, but will only

          be acted on one to two months prior to the rental period.

    • Clarkstown Central School District sanctioned events (Example: Phys. Ed,

          Community Swim Athletics) and pre-approved Weekend Swim Meets will have

          precedence over any of the permit. 

    • Pool use will be awarded in hierarchal order based upon an organization's

          in-district residency number.  Meaning, the organization that proves to have the

          highest number of in-district residents on their team will receive the highest

          priority for pool use during a three-month rental cycle.

    • It is encouraged for any organization wishing to rent the pool to share their

          requested use with Chris Serra at cserra@ccsd.edu as early as possible and

          prior to submitting a permit in order to receive confirmation on dates and times

          to include in a submitted permit. 

    • Please contact the Office of Facilities at (845) 639-6437 for assistance on

          registering, accessing, and using the District's Permit system.

    • Please access the Rental Slots document below to view available days and

          times and also our swim meet schedule for the entire school year.