• Clarkstown Central School District Pool Rules


    The Director of Aquatics, Superintendent of Schools, and Clarkstown Board of Education will have full authority over all pool operations and rules. 



    1. Swimmers are not permitted on the pool deck or in the pool unless a certified lifeguard in present and located on the pool deck.
    2. All bathers are required to shower before entering the pool and are encouraged to shower upon exiting the pool.
    3. Urinating, expectorating, or blowing of the nose in the pool is prohibited.
    4. Individuals with open sores/lesions or that are suffering from diarrheal discharge are not permitted in the pool until such time that their conditions have healed or have been corrected.
    5. Spectators are not permitted on the pool deck without appropriate permission.
    6. Persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied access to the pool and all adjacent areas.
    7. Unauthorized equipment (rafts, masks, fins, snorkels, etc.) will not be allowed in the pool or pool area unless approved by the Director of Aquatics.  Only Coast Guard approved floatation devices (lifesaving vests) are permitted in the pool when approved for use by the Director of Aquatics.
    8. The pool will be separated into two areas, a deep and shallow area, separated by a floating buoy line or pool bulkhead. The deep-end area of the pool may also be divided into two areas: A diving area, where only diving is permitted, and a swimming area, where only swimming is permitted, also separated by a floating buoy line or lane line.
    9. All bathers entering the pool for the first time must be assessed to determine their level of swimming proficiency by a certified lifeguard.  Bathers deemed as shallow-water swimmers must remain in the shallow-end of the pool until successfully proving they can competently swim in the deep-end of the pool or unless accompanied by a certified lifeguard during a teaching segment.
    10. Swimming under or diving from the bulkhead are not permitted.
    11. Running is not permitted on the pool deck or in either locker room.
    12. Diving is only permitted from the deep end wall where the starting blocks are positioned.  Diving is prohibited from the three remaining pool walls (side pool walls and shallow-end of the pool).  Only those competitive swimmers instructed in proper technique will be permitted to use starting platforms in competitive practices or meets.
    13. The diving boards are to be used only by individuals adequately trained or that are being supervised by a trained adult in diving.
    14. Food and/or glass bottles are not permitted on the pool deck at any time.
    15. Eye-glasses are not to be worn in the pool unless safety goggles are worn.
    16. An accident report must be filled-out and submitted to the Director of Aquatics within a twenty-four hour period for any individual requiring medical treatment.
    17. The pool deck shall be clear of all equipment and articles and must be appropriately cleaned after each pool use.
    18. Diapers and infants not toilet trained are not permitted in the pool unless approved by the Aquatics Director.
    19. Proper swim attire is required at all times.  Cut-off/rolled-up pants, or any such clothing determined as unsafe or inappropriate by the acting lifeguard is not permitted (loose fitting shirts).
    20. All bathers must exit the pool during an electrical storm, vomit present in or around the pool, diarheal/stool/bodily discharge in or around the pool, electric loss, or any emergency response until such time that the lifeguard re-opens the pool.  The use of land-line phones, showers, or contact with conductible items is prohibited during an electrical storm.
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