• APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  Rockland BOCES Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC)


    BOCES-CTEC Program

    Rockland BOCES Career and Technical Education Center offers students a half-day career oriented program that will prepare students with career-specific technical knowledge necessary to progress towards gainful employment, career advancement and success in post-secondary programs.

    Entry Requirements

    Students must have a minimum of 11 credits earned by the end of their sophomore year or 16.5 credits in their junior year.  In addition, students must have a satisfactory attendance history since entering high school (cumulative attendance of a minimum of present 80%). New Visions applicants have different criteria.  Please see your counselor for more information.

    Enrollment Procedures

    • Students must obtain an application from their school counselor:
    • Complete the BOCES application and return it to your school counselor as soon as possible.
    • After attending the BOCES visit, it is the students’ responsibility to return the BOCES application to their school counselor. The deadline to return the application is April 1st
    • Applicants will be selected by a lottery system.
    • Once the allotted spots have been filled, the lottery system will continue for the order of the waitlist. Students will be notified by their school counselor if/when a spot becomes available.
    • If you hand in an application after the deadline, the application will be held and you will be placed on the bottom of the lottery designated wait list.  
    • Spots are limited and not guaranteed.