• NCAA - Student Athletes

    Many students hope to continue competing in athletics after high school.  They can do so at a variety of levels: intramural, club or collegiate.  

    To compete at the collegiate level (Division I or II), students need to register with the NCAA. In order to determine academic eligibility for Division I and II athletics, potential college athletes should visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (eligibilitycenter.org). Any current high school sophomore, junior or senior who wishes to participate in collegiate athletics at a NCAA Division I or II college or university must register.  If you are interested in playing Division III, you must create a profile page. 

    To Register or Create a Profile Page:

    • Go to: eligibilitycenter.org
    • Click on: Register or Scroll Down
    • Then: Choose your desired division
    • From there: Simply follow the prompts.

    (Note: you can register and fill out a profile page if you are unsure of your future plans)

    Test Score Submission:
    For a student's academic certification to be processed, the student must have ACT or SAT scores submitted to the Eligibility Center directly from the testing agency. Students may take the ACT or the SAT an unlimited number of times prior to full-time collegiate enrollment, and the best score will be used in the final academic certification. Test scores are matched to the student's Eligibility Center account by name, date of birth and address.
    For a quick look at the academic requirements, please see below.