• All sixth through eighth grade students attending Clarkstown Central School District will receive four weeks of aquatics instruction during their regularly scheduled Physical Education class.  The goals of the Aquatics Program are:

    1) To enhance one’s swimming proficiency and confidence in the water.
    2) To instruct students how to effectively react during an emergency situation.
    3) To obtain knowledge in various aquatics activities.
    4) To have fun. 

    Units include:

    6th Grade – Swimming & Diving Proficiency

    7th Grade – Boat Safety, Water Survival Techniques, Mask & Fins

    8th Grade – Junior Lifeguard Training

              *Aquatics Games and Activities will be incorporated into each unit.


    Your child will be required to bring to each class:

    • An adequate bathing suit: Boys must wear swim trunks, cut-off shorts are not acceptable.  Girls must wear one-piece batching suits. Only white tee-shirts or aqua shirts (snug fitting or made for water to ensure safety) will be permitted in the pool.
    • A clean towel
    • A plastic bag to transport wet clothing/towels
    • Shower Shoes (flip-flops)
    • Personal Soap/Shampoo is recommended


    -Students will be required to adhere to all pool rules at all times.

    -Students will be water-tested to determine skill level and be required to stay in their assigned pool area unless otherwise directed by their teacher.

    -Students not entering the water for medical reasons or failure to dress-out in bathing suit will be required to complete written assignments pertaining to the lesson on the pool deck.

    - Lockers will be provided to all students during their scheduled pool time.

    - Students will receive a total of 20 minutes split between the beginning and end of each class period to shower, dry-off, and change (This time can either be 10 minutes at the beginning and 10 minutes at the end or 5 minutes in the beginning and 15 at the end).

    - Classes will be homogeneously grouped. 

    - Electric devises (hair dryers, curling irons, etc.) are not permitted.