• How to Survive and Excel in Middle School Physical Education

    Grading – Students earn a numerical grade based on the grading rubric used throughout each quarter.  The physical education grading rubric measures: Attendance, preparation, behavior (25%), participation (25%), knowledge of information (25%), and knowledge or skills (25%).

    Uniform – In order to maintain a healthy learning environment, all students are required to change into athletic attire and flat-soled sneakers.  Jackets are permitted during outside activity.

    Lockers – At the beginning of the school year, each student is assigned a gym locker and school lock to store items.  Outside locks are not permitted and will be removed if used.  Should a student lose their lock, a replacement lock must be purchased for a fee of $5.00.

    • Locks cannot be broken-off without the use of heavy equipment.  Students are strongly encouraged to ensure their lock is on their locker, in a locked position, and the combination dial spun to clear all combination numbers.
    • If a student were to forget their locker number or combination, each physical education teacher maintains an accurate record for each student in their class.
    • It is recommended that jewelry, money, or expensive merchandise not be brought to physical education class.  If this is unavoidable, at the students’ request, teachers will hold all such articles during class.

    Excuse Notes – A note from a parent/guardian can excuse a student from physical activity for one class period only.  Extended absence and return from class requires a physician’s note.  Should a student possess a medical condition requiring the need of an inhaler or similar devise, the student is strongly encouraged to bring the inhaler/devise with them during outdoor activity and also store a second inhaler/devise with their school nurse.  Pursuant to NYS Commissioners Regulations in Physical Education, students cannot be removed from the physical education setting (indoor or outdoor) due to medical conditions.  The activity must be modified to suit the students particular needs.  If the activity is not conducive to modification, the student may assist the instructor in some capacity (score keeper, referee, equipment manager, etc.).  If the activity cannot be modified or the student is unable to assist the instructor, the student will be required to perform a written assignment pertaining to the activity performed during class.     

    Make-ups – To improve one’s quarterly grade, any student may attend a make-up class either before school or after school or perform a written assignment.  Students should consult their physical education teacher or teh posted extra help schedule as to the exact day, time, and location.