• Physical Education & Health

    Department Chairperson: Mr. Robert Bauer
                                                e-mail: rbauer[at]ccsd.edu

    Physical Education

    Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Governing Physical Education, Section 135.4 (Attendance), states:

    “ All students shall attend and participate in the Physical Education Program as approved in the School Plan for Physical Education and as indicated by physician’s examinations and other tests approved by the Commissioner of Education.  Individual medical certificates of limitations must indicate the area of the program in which the pupil may participate.”

    Whereas a student cannot safely or successfully engage and fully participate in the activities of the regular program, an Adapted Physical Education Program will be created and provided for the student.

    All students are required to take and satisfactorily complete Physical Education in order to meet New York State Education department and Clarkstown High School North requirements, Physical Education is offered on alternate days with each course worth ½ credit.  Students will receive a numerical grade at the end of each quarter.  Four quarters will be averaged to determine the year end grade.  A student must earn two credits in Physical Education to satisfy graduation requirements.  This is accomplished by taking Physical Education for each year for the four years of high school.

    Students will participate in experiences that are relevant to the development of a positive self-concept, the understanding of relationships with other people, and the acceptance of social responsibility.  Students will also be provided with opportunities for physical development and conditioning, optimum health, recreation activities, and positive self-analysis.

    All students will learn that we bring varied backgrounds, personalities, abilities, interests, and teaching techniques into our program.  At times, experiences will be presented with a structured and directed approach, while at other times basic movement methodology will offer better results.  All classes at our high school is coeducational.


    Health Education

    Health Education is a dynamic process that continues throughout life. The home, school, and community should be actively involved in a cooperative effort that stresses a positive approach to health and wellness. This is a hands-on, activity based course where students learn to take charge of their own health by practicing preventative health habits. A flexible curriculum is designed, which focuses on skill development rather than information dissemination. It encourages students to think critically, behave responsibly, and be better able to make decisions that will lead to long and healthy lives. The education focuses on fitness and nutrition, mental and emotional health, drugs and alcohol, family life and human sexuality. Advocacy plays a significant role in the overall focus of this course.