• Mathematics

    Department Co-Chairperson: Mr.Jonathan Chernick
                                                e-mail: jchernick[at]ccsd.edu
    Department Co-Chairperson: Ms. Tara Horowitz
                                                e-mail: thorowitz[at]ccsd.edu

    Throughout the centuries there have been many great mathematicians who have inspired advances in technology from the first wheel to our modern day hand held electronic devices. Without math, none of those inventions would have been possible. Math is the key to every field of study from science and health care to business and banking. It is understood in every country and has meaning in every language. Through math we are able to communicate with others. The basic structure of mathematics guides our everyday thinking, and its complex design enhances our ability to reason logically. At North, we offer a variety of courses to develop lifelong mathematical learners who can analyze problems and think critically.


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