• English Language Arts

    Department Chairperson: Ms. Karen Czajkowski
                                                e-mail: kczajkowski[at]ccsd.edu
    The award-winning English Department at Clarkstown North is committed to helping kids attain success in all areas of ELA, and we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of approaches and activities that inspire and encourage students to build upon their ELA critical and creative writing, reading, and speaking skills. In grades 9 through 11, we offer Common Core aligned Regents and Honors classes along with smaller size classes where students can receive the targeted support they need to succeed. Students can also take creative or critical writing classes in addition to their core English at any level. As seniors, students can choose from a large selection of content-specific classes, ranging from Women in Literature to Psychology of the Character. We also offer rigorous AP and IB classes for those students who wish to challenge themselves academically.