The high school courses described on this page offer the possibility of earning college credit while earning high school credit. However, each college has different rules for accepting credit earned in this way. Students will consult their college of choice to determine if it accepts such credit. Advanced studies opportunities are afforded by Clarkstown students in conjunction with the following colleges/universities: SUNY – Albany; St. Thomas Aquinas College; Syracuse University – Project Advance; SUNY – Rockland Community College; SUNY – Cobleskill; Seton Hall University.

    Students should refer to individual department course descriptions in this course offerings guide for college credit courses. 


    This option will allow students to prepare for advanced status upon entering college by registering for high school courses that prepare students for taking the Advanced Placement examination while earning high school credit. These courses will require students to perform at the level of a college freshman. To be eligible for credit, the student must: be enrolled in the appropriate advanced level course; take the appropriate examination; and, pay a standard fee for each examination. At the completion of AP courses, students will be required to take the appropriate Advanced Placement examination.All AP examinations will be administered during the first and second weeks of May each year and are graded by outside readers. Papers will be graded on a scale of one to five. Students are responsible for inquiring if their college of choice accepts advanced placement examination credit and requesting that credit be given. Students should refer to individual department course descriptions in this course offerings guide for available advanced placement courses. Students should see their school counselor for further information.

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    The IB Diploma Programme is an academically challenging two-year curriculum offered to juniors and seniors who wish to engage in a university-level experience while still in high school. Students seeking to earn an IB Diploma pursue the study of five or six curriculum areas: first languages, second languages, social studies, the experimental sciences, mathematics, and the arts. Many colleges view the achievement of the diploma as similar to completing a liberal arts core curriculum which many college students are expected to complete in freshman year. In fact, internationally the International Baccalaureate Programme may supplant freshman year of college, as many four-year United States colleges now offer sophomore standing to students who have earned the IB Diploma and achieved specific overall scores while doing so. Discussions about these specific colleges can be had with each school’s IB Coordinator.

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    If a student does not complete all course assessments, including the culminating AP/IB examination in May, AP/IB credit will not be awarded, nor will AP/IB weighting occur in the calculation of their GPA. If students do not complete all assessments, Honors credit and Honors weighting will be awarded.


    Students are eligible to apply for the Early Admit Program at RCC if they have met the following:

    a) completion of the NYS requirements in math, science, health and art/music by the end of junior year; and

    b) have attained a minimum cumulative GPA of 80.

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