• We are asking for your assistance in preventing head lice in school.    

    Head lice do not carry disease, but may cause itching because they feed on the scalp.  They are small (1-2mm) and light in color.  Their eggs (nits) are whitish in color and usually found attached to hair close to the scalp.  Lice are usually spread through direct contact. 

    Steps you can take to prevent the spread of lice: 

    1. Caution children not to share brushes and combs. 
    2. Remind children not to borrow anyone else’s clothing, especially hats and gloves. 
    3. Have children keep hair and scalp clean and thoroughly combed. 
    4. Check your child’s head weekly. 

    If you suspect your child may have lice, please seek the advice of your family physician for diagnosis and treatment. 

    Please notify your school nurse if you treat your child.  Your notification to the nurse is essential to control the spread.  Upon return to school, children should report to the school nurse.  Only children whose hair is  nit free may return to school.