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    151 Congers Road, New City, NY 10956

    Phone: (845) 639-6550          Fax: (845) 638-0361

        Email: CHSNCounselingCenter@ccsd.edu

    CEEB Code: 333-325

    Our School Counselors oversee the development and progress of students throughout the four years of high school. Counselors review educational progress and post-secondary plans. This is done by providing advisory and counseling assistance for students individually and in group sessions. You are encouraged to keep in contact with your child’s counselor. Working as a team, we can make your child's high school experience as successful as possible. 

    The Counseling Center Administrative Assistants are:

    Ms. Sassano                    Ms. LaPorta

    lsassano@ccsd.edu         alaporta@ccsd.edu

    (845)639-6552               (845)639-6551


Counselor Email Address 9th 10th 11th 12th Schedule an Appointment
MS. BOLIN** sbolin@ccsd.edu A - B A - BOT A - CANO A - B https://calendar.app.google/sPRZeoVL6KyGnP3F6
MR. GARTSHORE dgartshore@ccsd.edu C - FA BOU - DOMING CANP - FINK C - E
MS. HIRSCH rhirsch@ccsd.edu FB - JO DOMINH - HOU FINL - KELL F - KIM
MS. NITTO knitto@ccsd.edu JP - MI HOV - MAN KELM - MEY KIN - MURIE https://calendar.app.google/JLC43g9DdYf7cL287
MS. DONOVAN (formerly Ms. Sullivan) adonovan@ccsd.edu MJ - RE MAO - PI MEZ - PIERRE, C (ELL Students) MURIF - OC (ELL Students) https://calendar.app.google/qCio7K6WXsdxE4gw6
MR. SMITH bsmith2@ccsd.edu RED - SHE PJ - SIG PIERRE, D - SHA OD - SA
MS. ROSE** drose@ccsd.edu SHF - Z SIH - Z SHB - Z SB - Z
  • ** Department Co-Chairs


       @CHSNGuidance                           @CHSNschoolcounseling
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