• RS Parent - over communicate for clarity - provided folders of information

    • Key points disparity and inequity with schools that have lower percentages
    • Spent time reading and researching
    • First need to decide if Regents exams and policies are fair- that will set directions
    • Aspects that are not fair- conversion scales truncate top- lower passing scores- older regents in 40s for passing scores now in 20s
    • Change SED made on low pass waivers (pass with a 52) could cause student to pass regents and to fail the class

    SC Parent- ask of group- previous committee did not have enough discussion of impact of new graduation requirements and how regents exams are different today

    • Concerned state is not addressing students with disabilities
    • Concerned about that portion of the student body

    MC Supt - Similar thoughts from both will now push out to group

    HL Principal -need ENL learners be represented. Seeks the increase at NHS from BS counselor- over 50 students

    ZD Board - ESSA looking at ENL not being held to same standard through double testing NYSEELAT and Regents

    MC- ask counselors to respond to ZD’s thought

    BS Counselor- example of student from El Salvador not proficient in her own language. May have more info for next meeting

    CM counselor- ENL not at SHS  Thought the focus here is for our GPA- Understand concern about cut scores- Need to focus on our goal

    PM Teacher- I heard 20% is too high from those who already spoke

    BS- Our role is communication liaison with students and parents. I do not know anyone’s point of view. Missing representation of parents who benefit from 20%

    MC- More input from representative group in the form of a survey?

    CM- Many parents are very happy- Put survey out to all parents

    MC- Go to 2 students and then guest (reviewed ground rules)

    GP student- look at students challenge themselves with courses and have lower grades and look at regents exam to help- explains specifics- 20% may be too high for these students –possible have different weighting for different levels?

    Rebecca student- react to GP- understand there is a wide cross section of students- evaluate cause of why algebra was lower- ability or effort? Possible survey for students? They are the ones taking the tests-College has mid-term and final no option. Prepare students for next step if we drop %?

    MC focus on beyond Clarkstown

    SW Parent- Some regents very hard- not by student preparation. Is that true? Common core algebra?

    PL Teacher- Noticed chemistry conversion scale is more difficult than SS test- Negative curve

    SY Asst Supt- clarify question- not only regents being calculated?

    CM counselor- are we changing quarter % and regents?

    MC yes

    CM- representing for college- we put out formula not able to have individual formulas for different students

    Guest M. Prima NHS student How could I propose my ideas to committee or member? Will approach one of the members

    JSchatz- thanks for information (RS) challenged by inconsistencies provided by conversion charts- If we look back at Algebra problem was chart . If last years chart was used 2 years ago would we be here discussing issue

    DT Principal- Last time we discussed this issue there were failures. This year none

    JSchatz-noticed in folder First time NYSED made recommendation about regents for class grades

    TB-Board Algebra first time taking test based on common core- NYSED did not share questions test was a disaster NYSED is taking steps to change common core- teachers had more information Some steps forward

    MC to RS we will come back to the folder- ask of group- bring folders back – ask of group more information from others- create group survey committee?

    PM different surveys?

    JSchatz- all teachers? All parents?

    MC show of hands K-12

    PM- multiple surveys for different buildings

    MC- asks representatives:

    PM- from teacher standpoint 6-12

    GP- from student 6-12 Rebecca agrees

    SC- from parent all K-12

    DT- HL consistent? Will not get a complete representation (families without internet etc.)

    MC- question to parents would you be able to live with consistent 6-12?

    Parents Yes


    One Word Activity

    Excellent in goal and role models

    Scratched surface

    Curiosity not sure where we are going very respectful group

    Enjoyed fishbowl

    Looking forward to getting deeper

    Socratic seminar- fair say

    Sensitive topic can of worms lot of work ahead

    Comfortable with group- not sure how it happens in two more meetings

    Active listening

    Concerned not done in 3 meetings

    Good job of being respectful

    More questions than comments

    Some many questions- some many more aspects- need to take policies into consideration

    Insightful- survey will take a lot of time

    Engaged in discussion

    Thought provoking- more questions can we submit

    Impressed by committee

    Trust the process

    Proud to be teammate- potential is limitless

    MC- send questions to me

    Work with admin here to put out survey

    Next meeting is Nov 17th

    Will dipstick- need more time? Meetings?

    Bring back materials