• Objective Statement:  By 2023, students at Clarkstown High School North will demonstrate increased skills and knowledge for career and college readiness beyond standardized testing as measured by:


    Measurable Goals:


    1.  At least 15% of the senior class will be enrolled in the WISE program over the 2016 baseline data
    • Baseline Year: 2016
    • Baseline Data: 64% of students believe that the school provides activities that help learn about career opportunities;  In 2015-2016 school year, 0% of students are enrolled in the WISE program.


    1.  At least a 15% increase over the 2016 baseline data in staff reports through the development of collaborative lessons between disciplines and grade levels that encourage a cross-curricular application of skills for career and college readiness.
    • Baseline Year: 2016
    • Baseline Data:

    64% of staff state that the skills and knowledge of the curriculum are well-articulated and coordinated between all teachers at each grade level and by teachers across grade levels

    42% of staff state that elementary, middle level, and secondary level staff members work cooperatively to provide a meaningful, and logical progression of learning activities in the curriculum.

    54% of staff state that student interaction (synchronous and asynchronous) with the faculty and other students is facilitated through a variety of means as an essential characteristic of the curriculum