Homebound Instruction

  • Home/Hospital instruction is the delivery of special education services that are assessed on an individual basis for a student with a disability confined to their home, hospital or other institution because of a disability. This also applies to students with a short term disability caused by a medical need. The Committee on Special Education will make an official eligibility determination to assess homebound instruction services.

    Homebound Instruction may include:

    • Instruction for elementary school students provided at a minimum of 5 hours per week;
    • Secondary school students receive a minimum of 10 hours of instruction per week, preferably 2 hours daily.
    • Related service hours.
    • Students who are awaiting placement may be assigned, on an interim basis and with their parent’s consent, to alternate-site instruction.  This instruction is identical to home teaching except that the actual instruction takes place outside the home. 

    Please contact the Office of Pupil Personnel at 845-639-6475 for further information regarding the procedures for Homebound Instruction.