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  • Meet Scott Lercher: Assistant Principal, Felix Festa Middle School

    Posted by Martin Cox at 7/20/2017

    Scott Lercher knows what he wants to accomplish during his first year as Assistant Principal at Felix Festa Middle School.

    "I can provide an outlet for students from a social and emotional experience," he said, "And I want to build and foster relationships among staff."

    Mr. Lercher is energized to accomplish those tasks and much more. The new Assistant Principal began his position on July 1 and will be working in C School under the leadership of Principal Dr. Diane Mitchell. 

    Mr. Lercher comes to Clarkstown following nine years as a Social Studies Teacher at Joseph Pulitzer School # 145 in the New York City Public Schools. I recently caught up with him to learn more about him, both as a school leader, and as a person.

    Marty Cox: What is it about Clarkstown Central School District that interested you the most to pursue the position of Assistant Principal at Felix Festa Middle School?

    Scott Lercher: First, my wife and I had friends who went through the District.  It's a great area, and we are back to a sense of home and community. I have not heard a negative word about Clarkstown.  There is a value placed on student success.


    MC: Reflecting on your educational career, describe what makes you most proud.

    SL: Watching my 8th Grade students graduate for the last nine years, and then seeing them come back as high school and college graduates with smiles on their faces.


    MC: Describe your leadership style.

    SL: It's collaborative leadership, working with each other.  It's about working to make the team a stronger entity. I don't pretend to have all the answers. I like getting a blending of all the ideas.


    MC: Now that you are in Clarkstown, what are some of your first impressions?

    SL: Everybody has been extremely welcoming and polite.  There is a concept of teamwork here.  I have not felt out of place asking questions. I want to learn how this sense of community has been built.

    Scott Lercher

    MC: What would you like to accomplish in your first year?

    SL: I would like to see our students achieve in and out of the classroom.  It's about students' success and being a cheerleader (for them) on the side.


    MC: Is there a specific content area that interests you the most?

    SL: I grew up in education as a Social Studies Teacher at School # 145 in New York City. Outside my curriculum, it's also science and the arts.


    MC: What do middle school students need the most?

    SL: They need a caring and nurturing environment. It's such a challenging age, their pre-teen years.The students have the internal and external emotions. They are moldable, like a piece of clay.


    MC: What are your hobbies and interests?

    SL: Physical fitness: working out at a gym and running. I like sports: college basketball and football. I also like the Game of Thrones.


    MC: What is the name of a book that you are currently reading?

    SL: Machine Made: Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern American Politics by Terry Golway. It's about the Industrial Revolution and a rich history of helping Irish immigrants.

    Scott Lercher

    MC: What is the best vacation you have ever had?

    SL: My wife and I were just married. We go on our honeymoon in two weeks to Rome and Barcelona. I have been on a two-week trip to Israel. The trip got me in touch with a cultural side of me that I didn't know existed.


    MC: What would you want people to know about you that many people do not know?

    SL: I'm kind of like a gentle giant. And I am a huge, new foodie. I like trying to find new eateries.




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  • Meet Jennifer Mitru: Clarkstown Central School District Senior Clerk

    Posted by Martin Cox at 7/19/2017

    Jennifer Mitru feels right at home in her new position as Clarkstown Central School District Senior Clerk.

    She grew up in Clarkstown, a graduate of Clarkstown High School North, and is the parent of two students - Cassidy (Class of 2019) and Luke (Class of 2021) - who currently attend Clarkstown High School South.

    Jennifer began her Senior Clerk position on July 3 at the Chestnut Grove Administrative Offices under the leadership of District Clerk Lucy Crosbie.

    I recently caught up to learn more about Jennifer's new role in the District as well as her personal interests.

    Marty Cox: What is it about the Clarkstown Central School District and the Senior Clerk position that interested you the most?

    Jennifer Mitru: I read the job description and it was interesting. I heard great things about (District Clerk) Lucy Crosbie.  I grew up here, and there is a comfort level.

    Jennifer Mitru

    MC: Now that you are in the position, what are some of your first impressions?

    JM: I am loving it! Lucy is amazing. She is unbelievable. She's a great teacher. People have been very nice.


    MC: What would you want people to know regarding the responsibilities of the Senior Clerk?

    JM: I am like Lucy's right hand person, making sure everything runs smoothly.


    MC: Is there a specific aspect of the job that interests you the most?

    JM: I am learning so much, things I never thought about: how the Board runs....every little thing that needs to be done.


    MC: What was your last position, and how does that experiene contribute to your current success?

    JM: I have had a lot of different jobs: working at a church, cancer research, a pharmaceutical company....it all helps. I have been with different people in different situations. You take little pieces from each job.  I am very happy.

    Jennifer Mitru

    MC: What are your hobbies and interests?

    JM: Sports!  I have three older brothers. We like football and we go to games. Sunday football is our thing. I also like gymnastics and track.


    MC: What is the title of a book you are currently reading?

    JM: Scarlett Feather by Maeve Binchy.


    MC: What is the best vacation you have every had?

    JM: We go to Delaware....Fenwick Island. It's a quieter area.


    MC: What would you want people to know about you that many people do not know?

    JM: My husband and I like to canoe at Seven Lakes Drive in Sloatsburg.


    Coming Soon: Meet Scott Lercher, Assistant Principal - Felix Festa Middle School




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