• Car Safety

    • School Aged Children 
      Booster seats are for older children who have outgrown their forward-facing car safety seat. Children should stay in a booster seat until the adult seat belt fits correctly. (When a child reaches about 4" 9" in height and is between 8 and 12 years of age)

    • Older Children
      Children who have out grown their booster seats should ride in a lap and shoulder seat belt. They should ride in the back seat until 13 years of age.

      * Please remind your child to use their seat belt when riding the school bus.

    Bike/ Helmet Safety

    • Every year about 300,000 children go to the emergency department because of bike injuries. Some of these injuries are so serious that children die, usually from head injuries. That's why it is so important for your child to wear a helmet even if they are going for a short ride.

    • The helmet should fit properly, worn level and cover your forehead, not tipped toward the back. The straps should always be fastened.

    * Remind your children to wear their helmets when using skateboards , scooters and rollerblades as well.

    Sun Safety

    • Choose sunscreen that is made for children, preferably waterproof. Use a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15. 
    • Sun rays are strongest between 10AM and 4PM. Try to keep out of the sun during these hours.
    • The sun's rays can bounce back from sand, snow, or concrete; so be particularly careful of these areas.
    • Most of the sun's rays can come through the clouds, so use sun protection even on cloudy days.
    • Put on sunscreen 30 minutes before going out of doors, it needs time to work on the skin. Reapply every 2 hours.
    • Sunscreen should be used as sun protection, not a reason to stay in the sun longer.

    Seasonal Reminders
    Tips to reduce missed school days due to outdoor allergies.

    • When mold and pollen counts are high, premedicate if directed by your doctor. After playing outdoors, the child should bathe and change clothes to remove allergens.
    • Drive with the car windows shut and air conditioning on.
    • At home use air conditioning and keep windows and doors shut.
    • Don't let the child mow the grass or rake the leaves.