Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Zizette Deutsch


  • Board of Education Representative to the Audit Committee
  • Board of Education Representative to the District Guidance Plan/S.E.L. Committee 

 Personal Statement
In order for our schools to adequately prepare students for the world today and the future, we need to provide a foundation for high academic achievement. I have worked collaboratively with parents, teachers, school building leaders and Central based Administrators on defining protocols, policies and programs for all students. I feel that having a strong collaborative leadership between our Board of Education, new superintendent, principals, teachers, students, parents and community based partners can help us build upon the strong foundation we already have and provide a school district that prepares our students to compete in a 21st Century world. My beliefs are grounded in the certainty that all stakeholders' positions are important and vital in guiding our school district towards a shared vision. We need to inspire and motivate all community members to pursue that vision and I would encourage all to take responsibility as no position is too small. Clarkstown needs to continue building a collaborative environment with open and honest communication to inform and seek input towards our common vision and goals which I believe is student achievement. I believe that we need to have long term planning and create goals for our district that include both the short term and long term future. We are faced with serious financial constraints by our Governor and we need to find ways to continue to be fiscally responsible yet provide a quality education to our students that is both forward thinking and progressive. I believe my education and administrative experience as an educator can focus a different lens on issues vital to educating our children. In addition, as a parent I would like to help lead our board and community in working collaboratively to continue the success of our students today and into the future.

Current Term of Office:

July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2023