• Current Information Regarding Interscholastic Athletics





    Congratulations to South Varsity Field Hockey in their recent win over North Salem on Saturday


    September 11th during the Autism Awareness Field Hockey Tournament. This win earned


    Coach Jordan Turner the title as the winningist Field Hockey Coach in Rockland


    County History!! We are very proud of the team and Coach Turner for this wonderful







    Festa Athletics : New Practice and Meeting Schedule

    Please see the new schedule below for Festa athletic teams due to today's

    cancellation. Please remember all students must be cleared by the school nurse

    in order to participate.

    Friday Sept. 3rd---Right after school ends
    Football--Practice on as normal. Football locker rooms will be open to drop off helmets
    and any equipment in the morning before school starts.
    Volleyball--First day of tryouts. Meet in the Front B wing gym. Be prepared to tryout. Must
    be dressed in athletic attire, sneakers, water. Equipment can be brought to the front gym
    in the morning to store for the day.
    Boys soccer--First day of tryouts. Meet in the Back B wing gym. Bring shin guards cleats and
    water. Equipment can be brought to the front gym in the morning to store for the day.
    Cross Country--First day of practice--Meet in the pool hallway. Be prepared to run outside.
    Should be dressed in athletic attire, have sneakers and bring water.
    Field Hockey--Meeting only. Pick up will be at 4:15pm (There is no late bus). Report to the
    Back B wing gym after school.
    Thursday Sept 9th (Following the holiday weekend)
    Girls Tennis--First day of tryouts -- Bring all equipment needed to tryout this would include
    athletic attire, sneakers, racket  and water
    Girls Soccer---First day of tryouts -- Bring all equipment needed to tryout such as shin guards,
    cleats and water.




    This past June, the Governor of New York lifted the COVID State of Emergency and at that

    time all regulations limiting sports and spectator attendance ended.  Consequently, unless

    directed otherwise from the Governor's Office, NYS Education Department, Rockland County

    Department of Health, or Section 1 Interscholastic Athletics, all sporting and activity will be

    conducted adhering to recommended safeguards provided by the newly released

    Health and Safety Guide for the 2021-2022 School Year.  In addition to the adhering to the

    safeguards present in this document, Clarkstown Central School District will implement the

    following effective August 23rd, the start of the Fall Athletic season:


    • Masks will be optional for all outdoor activities; however, encouraged to be worn by                                              non-vaccinated individuals.
    • Masks will be mandatory for all indoor activities and adequate distancing of 3 feet will                                          be required between individuals at all times (Athletes permitted close contact during                                  sanctioned athletic activity).
    • Masks will be optional to outdoor spectators; however, encouraged to be worn for                                                  non-vaccinated individuals.
    • Spectators will be required to distance 3 feet from one another during outdoor activities.
    • Spectators will be required to wear masks and distance 3 feet from one another during                                        all indoor activities.
    • Traditional separation of Home and Away Spectators will be maintained.
    • Daily screenings for athletes/coaches/spectators will not be required.
    • Sharing of equipment is permissible during activity and daily sanitizing procedures                                                will be maintained.
    • Streaming of athletic contests will be made available for indoor activities only. 
    • Use of locker rooms will be dependent on size of space, number of athletes/students, and                                    may only be used for emergency needs.  Locker room participants will be required to                                    maintain a 3 foot distance from one another. 
    • Physical Education classes will be conducted outdoors as much as possible throughout the year.
    • The District will regularly review any new information provided by the varying governmental agencies                    involved which may result in a change or addition to any of the aforementioned policies.