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  • Arnold Fucci Attends His 25th Jesse J. Kaplan Graduation Ceremony

    Posted by Martin Cox at 6/17/2017

    "When Arnold Fucci speaks about the students at Jesse J. Kaplan, you get a sense of, not only his depth of knowledge regarding the challenges they face and the resources available for assistance, but his deep belief in the humanity of each child and their family, his emphathy for their daily struggle, and his joy at their accomplishments."

              -Jeff Sobel

               Assistant Superintendent for Personnel, Clarkstown Central School



    Arnold Fucci is everything Jeff Sobel described, and much more.

    Yesterday morning I had the pleasure to sit alongside Mr. Fucci during the Jesse J. Kaplan Graduation ceremony, the 25th time Mr. Fucci has attended this heart-warming, emotional, and powerful event.

    We were both there to recognize the 18 graduates, including two from Clarkstown Central School District: Prian Kuruvilla and Emily Zielinski. 

    Maureen Sullivan, the Clarkstown Central School District Director of Business Services was seated on the other side of Mr. Fucci, knowing the dedication and commitment of an individual who recently retired as Executive Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services in the Clarkstown Central School District following a 40-year educational career.

    "Arnold role models that being a leader in special education is so much more than charting the appropriate clinical or academic course for a student," said Ms. Sullivan. "He understand that each child is unique, and deserving of our personal investment in their progress and support for their families. He shares the journey from their start at Clarkstown to their Kaplan graduation. His decades of experience and service have served the children, families and the Clarkstown staff in such important ways. I know he will continue to be a great advocate for those with special needs through his life."

    David Carlson, the District's Supervisor of Pupil Services, has firsthand knowledge that Mr. Fucci's support of the Jesse J. Kaplan School is much more than attending the graduation ceremony.

    "Each year, Arnold and I would visit Kaplan, observe each student and sit with the staff and ask about each student's progress," said Mr. Carlson. "We would hold pre-review meetings on each student in the spring, and review reports and data to help us plan for IEP meetings. It was important to Arnold that we knew about each student, so that we could meaningfully participate at each meeting. Arnold was very kind to each family, and established long-term relationships with many of the parents."


    When the graduation ended, the parents of the two Clarskstown graduates, Prian Kuruvilla and Emily Zielinski, approached Mr. Fucci to personally thank him for his support and leadership of their children.

    On behalf of the entire Clarkstown school community, I want to personally thank Mr. Fucci as well, not only for his partnership with the Jesse J. Kaplan School, but for his leadership and service while advocating for all students in order to meet their needs.

    I wish Mr. Fucci the very best during his retirement years while enjoying family and friends.

    Kaplan Graduation

    Kaplan Graduation

    Kaplan Graduation

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  • Brianna Benitez Inspires Students With a Focus on Kindness at West Nyack Elementary Moving Up Ceremony

    Posted by Martin Cox at 6/17/2017

    "The way I see it, kindness makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world."

                      -Brianna Benitez

                       West Nyack Elementary Music Teacher 

                       Guest Speaker, WNE Moving Up Ceremony


    With 56 Fifth Grade students sitting on a stage pondering what's next during their educational journey as Middle School students, Brianna Benitez focused on what matters most.

    The West Nyack Elementary Music Teacher stated, "Think about how your actions and words have a positive effect on the world. It has been scientifically proven that when we act kind to a person, they do the same to another, creating a ripple effect."

    Yesterday's Moving Up Ceremony, held at the Clarkstown High School South auditorium, included one special touch after another. Led by Principal Annie Streiff, who congratulated her students and wished them the best with their new endeavors at Felix Festa Middle School, the program included a creative flow of essays from three Ffith Grade students talking about the past, present and future.

    Fifth Grader Elaina Greenbush spoke fondly of memories dating back to First Grade while classmate Sophie Malagraph then spoke about the present, stating, "We will never forget Fifth Grade. It was a fantastic time in our lives." Lastly, Maeghan Nordone forecasted the future, stating, "Before we know it, we will move on to college. We'll go as kids, and come out as educated adults. If we put our minds to it, we can do anything. But remember, we have our whole lives ahead of us. Take it slow and enjoy the present."

    Making the ceremony extra special was the recognition of former WNE students who are graduating next week from Clarkstown High School South. The West Nyack Elementary PTA provided scholarships to four students: Patrick Naughton (Thomas E. Reed Scholarship); Meaghan Burke (Robert Washburn Scholarship); Jacques Rodenbach (Odena Kling Scholarship); and Elianna Murphy (Estelle Silberman Scholarship).

    Congratulations to the Fifth Grade students at West Nyack Elementary along with the former students who were scholarship recipients.












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